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=A=Computer, start log 200809=A=

First log I finally get to post after so long, been a busy hectic time for all of us on the station.

Working to get the last few pieces of things sorted and our equipment in order. Starbase is looking good after fixing some space ant infestations and some smuggling.

Recently started to get news from the Delta Quadrant about the Kzem causing all kinds of trouble.

Unfortunately the starbase is located in Alpha Q so we are too far away to offer much help. But we got a shuttle dispatched to watch the Khitomer Wormhole to intercept anything should it be needed. Considering how the Kzem is causing all kinds of trouble and killing everything in their ways, we are on Yellow Alert at the current time until we get more information from our people over in Delta Quadrant.

We will keep our readiness at high and stand by with any and all ships and shuttles we have in Spacedock so that we can send them off through the wormhole as fast as possible to assist.

=A=Computer, end CO log and save under TF Tarok =A=
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