Who is the best Star Trek villain?

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Is there any doubt it is Gul Dukat? The actor Marc Alaimo portrayed the over-the-top villain as a misunderstood patriot oozing creepy charm while also portraying him as supremely competent and egotistical. There is no scene with Dukat in it that Alaimo does not dominate with verve and panache.

Dukat went from an insignificant Gul, to Governor of Bajor, then commander of the 2nd order, followed by a stint as a renegade raider and freedom fighter, next as leader of the Cardassian people, and finally to an evil religous cult leader bent on spiritual and universal domination. Quite an arc for a minor character. In fact that arc was probably more complete and expansive than any of the major characters in all of Star Trek. It mirrored Sisko's arc but for me, took it to another level.

Without Dukat DS9 would not have been so compelling. He was such a fantastic villain.

Agree? Disagree? Who is yours and why?
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Star Trek has had some great villains. Henry Mudd, The Borg Queen, Gul Dukat, The Dominon(Wey Yun especially). My favorite villian by far is Khan Singh. I mean, look at him. A product of Eugenics War and a man of incredible intelligence. He's bested Kirk not once, but twice! And it really doesn't matter who portrayed him, honestly. While the Late Ricardo Montalbán will always be remembered as Khan, I feel that Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal was incredible, as well. Khan really was the tragic villain. He was a jerk, yes, but then something pushed them both over the edge. Ricardo's Khan lost his wife on Ceti Alpha VI, and thus went after Kirk for revenge. Benedict's was seeking revenge from the Federation for making him into a weapon and nearly sacrificing his brethren as torpedoes against the Klingons. As I mentioned, both portrayal are fantastic in their own rights. "'It is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.' -Khan Singh, citing "Paradise Lost" by John Milton.
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I agree he is the best Villain we have seen but also in fairness he had more opportunity to develop because he had a lot more screen time then any other villain, he was part of DS9 from the first episode until the last. DS9 introduced the saga to Star Trek, longer, deeper stories its hard for anyone from TOS or TNG to measure up when very few have repeat parts. Khan had a great run, I would almost compare Ricardo Montalbán's Khan to Mount's Pike he was able to just make that character pop get get you interested very quickly. I liked Cumberbatch's take on Khan, it was a switch from the classic but worked. Q may or may not be a villain but created good conflict for several series for the crews. Winn was a good villain as well. I liked Chang a lot but that is also because I remember his back story from a video game.
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It depends on how you think of villains. The most loveable rogue has to be Quark. Now was he supposed to be a villain? I think so, but he was so canny. Armin played the character superbly in my opinion.
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