Cadet Physicals

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[17:20] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) looks up as someone comes in "Good evening, are you here for your physical?"
[17:20] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Please have a seat
[17:21] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) pulls up your information and looks over it
[17:22] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): SO are you here just for a physical or are you having issues
[17:24] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): my physical sir
[17:24] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) nods "I'm going to ask a few questions of you before we begin the actual physical, ok?"
[17:25] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): sure sir
[17:25] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): I see you did not list any family medical history, is there any diseases that you are aware of in your family?
[17:27] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): no sir
[17:27] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Are you parents still alive?
[17:27] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): yes sir they are
[17:28] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) makes a note "Do you have any allergies of any kind that you are aware of?"
[17:28] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): no sir
[17:29] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Have you had any surgeries or injuries?
[17:30] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): no sir
[17:30] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Do you take any medications including supplements?
[17:31] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): no sir
[17:31] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): When was your last meal today?
[17:32] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): lunch sir
[17:32] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): So about 5 hours ago?
[17:33] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): sir there are no females in my species only males and male herms
[17:33] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): I'll make a note of that
[17:34] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): How often do you eat
[17:34] Willard Deerhunter is offline.
[17:34] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): 4 times a day
[17:35] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Ok one more question before we begin the physical
[17:35] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): What would you say your eye color is
[17:35] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): blood red sir
[17:36] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) stands and motions to the examination table "Please come lie over here"
[17:37] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Now the first thing I'm going to do is a basic scan to get your measurements
[17:40] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): looks over the results
[17:41] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Ok your height is 7'9" and weight 193 lbs which is kind of thin for your height
[17:43] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) looks at the measurement for your wings "I see your wingspan is 5'
[17:43] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Ok now I'm going to run a scan for your vitals, please lie still
[17:43] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): i exercise a lot and ok sir
[17:44] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) watches the monitor
[17:45] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) makes notes"Your blood pressure is 105/75 which is very good and your pulse is 75, which is good also. Your respiration is also good"
[17:46] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Now for the last part I need you to lie very still, I'm going to scan your body and check your organs.
[17:46] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) begins the scanner
[17:46] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): ok sir
[17:47] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin) watches the scan closely
[17:47] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Ok all done, everything looks fine. Do you have any questions for me?
[17:48] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): no sir i dont
[17:49] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): Everything looks good, I'll send a copy of your results over. If you have no questions for me then are free to leave.
[17:49] Anubis Merlin (darkdragonboy Resident): ok thank you sir
[17:50] Emmy Lombardia (emerald Parkin): You're welcome have a good evening Cadet.
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