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"Playing the Role: RP for the Terrified"
Fri Nov 23rd @ 12noon SLT
Pinastri Academy Campus

Facilitators: RAdm Poison Toocool with LTjg Rowena Vandred-Rose & LTcmdr Hal Jordan

We run a fair number of 'cadet ship rp's' over at Academy to assist cadets to learn about their branch duties and work effectively with others on the bridge in a mission scenario. We often see cadets who are very nervous about participating even though it's just a simulated mission meant to be hopefully fun while learning a bit about UFS roleplay. If you've been hesitant about attending a branch practical or joint squadron mission or been too nervous to even think about participating in a ridealong mission on a UFS ship of the line... this is the session for you!

We'll demonstrate some fun scenarios and show you how it all works!
You'll leave being a bit more confident that you understand what's expected!
You'll leave knowing you have some pretty good ideas in your head!
You'll leave having laughed out loud! More than once!

Join us on 'USS Academy' at Academy Campus (SL)
Friday November 23rd @ noon

"If I wasn't an actor, I'd be a secret agent."
~ Thornton Wilder
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