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aadazriamel Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


So I have been with the Thor just under a week now. I am already in trouble and spent the majority of my week in the brig. Now I am confined to my quarters. I am hoping this is a speedy trail and doesn't take forever. But it is giving me some time to work on my ADP so that is a plus.
aadazriamel Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Good morning computer start recording.

It has been a long time since I have been making a log.

Since my last log. Several things have happened.
1. I was found not guilty on the trail.
2. Got a commendation for my acts in the surgery.
3. I have divorced Marc.
4. I have lost the twins.
5. I am now a Course Director in the College of History.
6. I am continuing to work on my Associates Degree and once done plan on working on my Bachelor's Degree.
7. As of 180524 I am Chief of Staff to the Chief of Communications.

It has been a long month and will continue to be so.

Computer finish recording.
aadazriamel Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Computer start recording:

This week has been full of work for me. But I really like the challenges I have faced.

1. I am getting more settled into the position of Chief of Staff to UFS Chief of COmmunication.
2. I have been asked and accepted to work on a project for the academy.
3. Continue to work on my Bachelor's degree.

I have been reached out to by the commission of Trills. There have been reports of several hundred Trills getting sick off a tea that most Trills enjoy. The commission at this point has put a ban on this tea. What is interesting it is only affecting those on Trillius right now.

They have sent me a sample of the tea leaves as well as the plant from which the leaves come from.

They have asked me to see if I can help with the discovery of why the tea is making so many sick.

Computer stop recording.
aadazriamel Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


[13:23] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Priority 1 message from Star Fleet.
On star date 180728. The USS Beetlejuice will be docking at the SS Peedy Thor. Which then the crew of the SS Peedy thor will take over the Diplomatic party from the USS Trillius Prime. Along with a prisoner that wants to kill the Diplomatic party…
[13:24] Lei Hanfoi: im not one to pull rank,but just so you know,as a ensign you address everyone with a higher rank then yourself as Sir even if they are female because the Rank is earned
[13:24] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Sorry Sir
[13:24] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Our duty is to keep the Diplomatic party save till the USS Starburst shows up.and we give them the party... Now the USS Black Knight will come and take the prisioner away
[13:24] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): not a problem ensign
[13:25] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Any questions?
[13:25] Lei Hanfoi: are my dutys as a Security officer or as something else ?
[13:25] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): You will be security yes
[13:25] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Capt
[13:26] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): and Ensign Row if you will take flight control
[13:26] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Aye Sir
[13:26] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): ((NPCS will fill in the gaps))
[13:26] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): lets head to the bridge
[13:27] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): (( security is normally in the far back right but you can take a station up closer so you can be part of the rp ))
[13:27] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): any other questions?
[13:28] Lei Hanfoi: thank you Capt
[13:28] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): your welcome Commander
[13:28] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): (are we starting with the ship already in dock or approaching?)
[13:28] Lei Hanfoi: is the diplomatiic party aboard the Thor or away or not picked up yet
[13:28] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): (( they are about 5 minutes out and ready to start requestion permission to dock ))
[13:29] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Sir
[13:29] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): they will dock and then we will take responisiblity of them
[13:29] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): *****START MISSION*****
[13:29] Lei Hanfoi: understood
[13:29] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): All stations please report in
[13:29] Lei Hanfoi: Security reporting Diplomatic party 5 minutes out Sir
[13:30] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Thank you tactical
[13:30] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Operations, Sir, USS Beetlejuice is on final approach
[13:30] Lei Hanfoi: Scanning for posible threats
[13:31] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): nice... Flight control at your command they can dock
[13:31] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Aye
[13:31] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): any word on the black knight?
[13:31] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): USS Black Knight is approaching outermarker, Sir
[13:31] Lei Hanfoi: unable to verify location at this time Sir
[13:32] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): good hold them at a orbital distance till we get the diplomatic crew on and safe
[13:33] Lei Hanfoi: Vice chief of security to all decks prepair for docking
[13:34] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): fingers dance over the pad opening a comm channel <=>USS Beetlejuice, this is Operations control, cleared for final approach docking bay 2 <=>
[13:34] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): listens to the going ons
[13:34] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): once they are ready to beam over please have them come to the bridge
[13:35] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): tacitcal please send a team of security officer down to meet the party
[13:35] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Capt opens channel , Docking bay security team bring the diplomatic staff to the bridge asap
[13:36] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you Commander
[13:36] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): eta till they dock flight control?
[13:36] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=> Beetlejuice, Umbilical and gravitational support systems online and standing by<=>
[13:37] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Sir, estimate three minutes until docking maneuvers complete
[13:37] Lei Hanfoi: Shuttle Security Team standby
[13:37] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): great ensign steady as it goes
[13:37] Lei Hanfoi: Security Team on standby capt
[13:37] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you tactical
[13:38] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=> mooring beam engaged, automatic docking procedures are in effect<=>
[13:38] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Tactical any idea who this prisoner is and why do they want the diplmactic crew dead?
[13:39] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): watches flight control
[13:39] Lei Hanfoi: monitors the shuttles aprroach,shields are down for docking procedure Capt
[13:39] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you Commander
[13:39] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): monitors her console as the starship slides gracefully into dock
[13:40] Lei Hanfoi: Capt i suspect the prisoner is a wanted murderer from a classified planet i cant reveal to much details at this time
[13:41] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): wrinkles my brew not liking that at all... I want the best secruity officer on that prisioner like a fly on dung
[13:41] Lei Hanfoi: it is a M-class planet ,breathes oxygen simalar tollerences to humans that i can share
[13:41] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): feels the shudder of the ship as it docks
[13:41] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=> Beetlejuice, umbilicals connected, and hardpoints secure, all stations report hard seals. mooring clamps locked, please stand by <=>
[13:42] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): comms contact the beetle juice to let them know we are standing by for beam off
[13:42] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): over*
[13:42] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): =^=SS Peedy thor to beetle juice, we are ready for the diplomatice party=^=
[13:43] Lei Hanfoi: sheilds will raise on your command capt
[13:43] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): raises shields Commander
[13:43] Lei Hanfoi: Aye capt
[13:43] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Sir? do you want me to give the rest of the ships crew clearance to disembark?
[13:44] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): yes please flight control
[13:44] Lei Hanfoi: with exception of security might be a good idea caot
[13:44] Lei Hanfoi: capt
[13:44] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): yeah who knows what will happen with this prision
[13:44] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): prisioner
[13:44] Lei Hanfoi: argreed
[13:45] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): permisison granted to allow security to equip phasers stun only
[13:45] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): comms officer... They are ready to beam sir
[13:45] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Capt
[13:46] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Tranportator transport team stright to the bridge
[13:46] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): fingers reach down to phaser something telling me something is wrong
[13:47] Lei Hanfoi: the diplomatic party is aboard and Securuty team A is bring them now Capt
[13:47] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you commander
[13:48] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): looks back hearing a commocition
[13:48] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): approaches the lead diplomat
[13:48] Lei Hanfoi: opens comms .team A come in
[13:48] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=>USS Beetlejuice Docking is complete, Security is to remain on board, all other crew has clearance to disembark <=>
[13:48] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): oops
[13:50] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): sil'mred Ambassodr I am first host to the symbiont Mel. Welcome to the SS Peedy Thor we will be hosting you till your tranport ship arrives
[13:51] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): **Ambassador** Silm'red. Why did we get beamed over before the vermine?
[13:51] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Flight control how is the black knight doing?
[13:52] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Tactical what is the tactical status of the black knight?
[13:52] Lei Hanfoi: Commander to Security Team B prepair for prisoner to go to the brig
[13:52] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Sir, Black Knight is holding orbital distance, awaiting further instructions
[13:53] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): go ahead and allow them to dock. Tactical second team b and c to the transportator room
[13:53] Lei Hanfoi: Aye it is holding orbit and awiting orders Capt
[13:53] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): good to hear at least someone knows how to listen
[13:54] Lei Hanfoi: Aye Capt, Tatical team B and C to docking bay prepair for prisoner transfer
[13:54] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Team A please take the diplomatic team to guest quarters on the opposite side of the station then the prisioner round the clock supervision of them
[13:55] Lei Hanfoi: As ordered,they heard you Capt
[13:55] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): opens comm channel <=> USS Black Knight, this is SS Peedy Thor Operations, you are cleared for priority docking bay A <=>
[13:55] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Please let me know when we have the prisioner on board... How is docking of the Black KNight going?
[13:55] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): nods and smiles
[13:57] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): looks between tactical and flght control
[13:57] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Black Knight is on final approach, Sir
[13:58] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you fligth control
[13:58] Lei Hanfoi: the prisoner is on board in the brig and awaiting docking to transfer
[13:58] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): great to hear Commander
[13:59] Lei Hanfoi: we all do our part capt
[13:59] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): How has the prisioner been on the black knight? any problem with him? or her
[14:00] Lei Hanfoi: ive personally not been given that many details of the prosiner capt so i address it as prisoner untill im sure of what or who it is
[14:00] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=> Black Knight, check your approach, you're coming in too fast<=>
[14:01] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): so we are basically going into this blind with the prision. I want 2 teams on that prisioner around the clock. stun and kill if we ahve to
[14:01] Lei Hanfoi: though i do have my suspiotions of who it might be
[14:01] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): looks back at flight control. what was that ensign?
[14:02] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): who do you think it is Commander?
[14:02] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): I think the helmsman of the Knight is a speed jockey, Sir
[14:02] Lei Hanfoi: <=> Black Knight pull up<=>
[14:02] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): ALL HANDS BRACE FOR IMPACT
[14:04] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): flight control are they going to hit us?
[14:04] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <Black Knight, reverse thrusters now, repeat reverse thrusters now!<=)
[14:04] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): MEDICAL get ready for injuries
[14:04] Lei Hanfoi: well Capt if i had to guess id say possibly yodasun who is male, and romulan or spookydream who is female vulcan who is known to use mind tricks
[14:05] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): that is not good at all.. Please inform all crew if they feel any different to report it immedialty
[14:05] Lei Hanfoi: Aye capt
[14:06] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): I just hope star fleet sends someone quickly to get this prisioner out of here
[14:06] Lei Hanfoi: the romulans are well trained in hand to hand capt
[14:06] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Tactical. does your team know the protocols on how to deal with a prisioner?
[14:07] Lei Hanfoi: of course
[14:07] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): great
[14:07] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): "Sir, Black Knight has entered the docking bay, minimal damage" looks at the console "seems her helm decided to try a manual docking"
[14:07] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): I want that name of that helmsmen can't have that growls softly
[14:07] Lei Hanfoi: difficult even when professional
[14:08] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Tactical please let me know when your team is ready
[14:08] Lei Hanfoi: Aye capt
[14:08] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Flight control stand down blue alert
[14:08] Lei Hanfoi: opens comms <=> Security Team B report when you have the Prisoner and report who it is,over<=>
[14:09] Lei Hanfoi: we shall know soon Capt
[14:09] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): <=> Black Knight, this is Peedy Thor Operations, Umbilicals and hard points connected and secure, Mooring clamps locked, stand down from blue alert, docking......if you can call it that.....is complete<=>
[14:10] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): great commander
[14:10] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Yeah I am putting that helmsmen on report
[14:10] Lei Hanfoi: prisoner is in transit capt
[14:10] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): thank you commander
[14:11] Lei Hanfoi: should be comeing through to arrival area now
[14:12] Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose (3249rowena): Sir? If I may? the cargo docking bay where we had that....incident..still needs deep cleaning, maybe we have a volunteer?
[14:12] Lei Hanfoi: <=> security Team B to Bridge, the prisoner is female.vulcun,known as Spookydream,known to suggestivly mind meld hypnotic suggestion over<=>
[14:13] Lei Hanfoi: can see why she's called that then
[14:14] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): I think we to do Ensign
[14:15] Lei Hanfoi: not me
[14:15] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel): Yeah we need to put up a containment field around that cell we put her in
[14:15] Dazria Mel (aadazriamel) whispers: **END MISSION**
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