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Major Delgotti Personnel logs

Posted: 180309.0954
by Kiara1 Noel
Sighs as I get my bags and head into the aircraft, opening up the screen, I begin to think about my journey and what led me to come back.

Computer, open logs and label it 102217

Confirmed Major Delgotti and welcome back

I got a weird call from Ci and He said it was time for me to return that I've been gone too long, well he was right. I spoke to my brother Kermie and He set everything up so eh, I don't mind coming back to where I got my training. *Closes my eyes for a moment as I put the padd down*

Incoming call From Young

Young: Momma where are you, I thought you were home?

Kia: Oh hey Son, I'm sorry, I'm headed to UFS to Peedy Thor, whats up, the Pilot came and got me early.

Young: oh ok, when you get settled contact Me, oh and O said hi

O: hey Kia, sorry I didn't get a chance to see you before you left

Kia: hey O when I get settled I will have one of m pilots come get you and bring you here if you wish

O: ok well let me know

Transmission ended

Well it was good to hear from my son and His friend, maybe just maybe.... well computer I will end my logs here and Play What Ifs and end logs

Plays What Ifs by Kane Brown

Re: Major Delgotti Personnel logs

Posted: 180320.1306
by Kiara1 Noel
Enters my office and tells Computer to turn on everything and begin logs*

Well, now that I am back, Ive been asked to fill the seat of CO of TRACOM, and yes I did accept. Granted Ive been in the marines for goodness knows how long, I am honored either way to accept it. I have an XO now by the name of Lucius. He seems nice and I really cant wait to be able to get some ideas from Him and the rest. Maybe I am too harsh and hard for wanting TRACOM to return to its former glory, but as a Former DI of TRACOM, I cant help it. I just want it to be the BEST and BRIGHTEST it can be once again

*looks out the window and sighs softly as I begin to think*

Maybe I need to...

Important message for Major Delgotti

Computer pull up message

Young: hey mom, I just wanted to say I am proud of you and that you are missed deeply. I hope I can come visit soon and bring my new gf, you will like this one. I love you momma

*Smiles as it is a message from home*

I do love my post on the Peedy Thor as the trial is going on, I am listening to everything that I missed while I was away and going forward with my work in TRACOM. I am hopeful to get a meeting with the rest of the Marines and some others to help me because I simply have no idea where to start. Well that's it for now.

Computer end logs and play Boyz II Men Your home is in my heart

Ends logs and plays Your home is in my heart

Re: Major Delgotti Personnel logs

Posted: 180411.1117
by Kiara1 Noel
*Thinks a moment and catches herself smiling as She thinks about Him*

Computer Begin logs

Confirmed Major, beginning logs

Well, I actually did it. Now that I has sometime to think, I actually have found the missing piece, the missing link I was looking for the entire time. His name is Warrior, He truly is a Real King. We went to my Sister's wedding and it was so beautiful and I felt so blessed and honored to be there. We went to lunch at Seaside Restaurant(Which I highly recommend,) then we went dancing and I never felt so free or open and raw before. Now that I have found a new love and new found outlook on things, I can better serve the UFSMC.

Incoming Call

Hmmmm Computer show call

Warrior: Hey baby, I was wondering if you waned to go dancing.

Kiara: Hey love, of course, I don't mind why don't we have a date on the Station.....I know a place on the Peedy Thor that is perfect

Warrior: Ok my Queen I'm going to let you work and you just contact me when you are ready. I love you

End call

Well as I said, I am happy and love what We have going for TRACOM so I hope we can get everything up and running and start training right. Computer end logs and play Heaven by Kane Brown

End Logs and play Kane Brown Heaven