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Personal Log
Stardate 201216

"Well...It's official. The Peedy Thor crew has been reassigned to the USS Thor. Gotta admit. She's a beaut. And with this crew, there's no telling what kind of sheni-Jaimee, put those back. Those aren't yours yet. Jaimee. Jaimee! Computer pause recording," he says as his voice trails off

A few moments later, "Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, the Thor. With the crew we have, it's bound to be crazy from the word go. On a side note, Szarekh was picked up by his ship and we haven't seen hide nor....well....anything resembling Tyrkron. Personally, I just hope they took him up on the offer of exploring outside the Milky Way. Who knows. They might make it all the way to Andromeda. A new change of scenery might do them all some good. Anywho, we're scheduled to take her out within the next couple of weeks. With any luck, it'll be smooth sailing and we'll be able to take her through her paces without gettin' shot at. I'm not holding my breath," chuckles, "Computer, end recording and save."
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