Personal Log 28 nov after being promoted to 1st Lieutenant

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Today i was Promoted to 1st Lieutenant,as were a number of u.s.s Monarch Marines,4 Marines including myself were promoted most of us to 1st Lieutenant.
I was happy to see both so many Marines being promoted,and happy to see some that i did not expect to see attend, come to the P&A.
After the Awards ceremony,the event organiser,i think it was evelyn,came up with a party game where you socialise with someone,a interesting idea i thought so i took part in it.
This Lead me to meet and Slow dance with the captain of the monarch,who is vulcan,and like me a great talker.
Going with the theme of socialising i asked her to tell me something not on her sj,and to my surprise she did,and i shared something private as well.
That Dance and that chat will always bring a smile to my face.
I should thank Evelyn for the party game,or maybe i would'nt have danced with the Capt of the Monarch,likely not.
Captain Kanto,is a well respected Officer even among other Vulcans,she has a wonderful mind,and knows how to dance,smiles remembering to myself.
=End personal log=
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