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ayame triellis
Medical - Petty Officer 2nd Class
Medical - Petty Officer 2nd Class
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walks into her new quarters on Peedy Thor and sighs happily as she dumps down her bags and looks around the room, walking over to the room's window, stareing out of it smiling, she turns and starts to unpack her bags, moving to the wardrobe as she pulls out her uniform as she smiles looking over her new uniform and teal trim as she hangs it up, along with other clothing and uniforms.

Computer begin log, So I've moved back to medical and now on Peedy, So good to be back in teal, I've missed the team and so on, but not like I was stranger as such.... Well maybe..

But anyways so back to nursing for me, so now I'm on Peedy as the new Head Nurse, I'm looking forward to what to come, The crew has been welcoming and friendly and made me feel like I've always been part of them!

moving around as she speaking, placing pictures and stuff around her room, sitting on the edge of her bad and sighs softly , soft squeek is heard as she bouncing on the edge of bed

New bed seem comfy! ha best not sleep in or I'll get yelled at !

Gets up and moves to the replicater and pushes a few buttons , grinning

Yes Blueberry slushies still in the system! So anyways, I'm also part of the Mad (Medical Academy Div), So its great seeing the new Cadets coming through and helping them and being part of the time with the fleet, Its keeping me busy as my work on Peedy so hopefully I can keep up and show my worth once again!

Computer end log...
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