Personal Log Ensign T'Pris Peedy Thor Ridealong

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Personal Log Ensign T'Pris Peedy Thor Ridealong

Stardate 05072418

I reported to the Peedy Thor at approximately 13:30 hours and experienced a surprise inspection by the Admiralty.

It was a daunting experience but I think I presented myself satisfactory. If the comments by the Senior Staff of the Peedy Thor who expressed the wish that I might join the crew are any indication.

It is hard to ascertain as I am still accustoming myself to the more emotional races bantering but I believe it was the gist of the comments.

Regardless I just tried to comport myself as I was expected too.

After the inspection we made our way to the ship and then beamed down to a planet where an investigation by the crew was in progress.

It appeared to be an unknown planet where past mining took place and ancient Borg artifacts were found.

There apparently were bodies of the miners found who had perished from some sort of internal combustion.

We were charged with investigation both the artifacts and the reason for the deaths of the remaining miners.

Upon entering the cave system I was ordered to enter one of the rooms with Cadet xBFFx to scan some of the equipmet left behind to see if we could classify its purpose and whether there was any residual danger from it.

The equipment appeared to be in standby mode and not pose a threat to the away team. It also all appeared to be various equipment to assist the mining expidition.

Classifciation to tell where they had come from as they appeared to be an almagation of different equipment from different sources was difficult but consistent with the methods of the Borg.

It appeared that the equipment had been here for a very long time and it was surprising that they were in such good shape and operating.

I successfully downloaded the archives, logs and manifests from the equipment.

The Goddard left orbit to respond to a distress call and were left on our own with only a shuttle craft at our disposal.

It was postulated that a Borg cube had crashed on the planet and that the miners scavaged from the cube to improve their equipment and ability to mine from the planet. Explaining why the equipment was so amalgamated.

Upon scanning of the bodies it was found that they were from the Ducal species. It appeared the dead bodies had what appeared to be a cybernetic enhancement of the Ceti eel and the creature perished as the host perished.

As the away team reached this stage of the investigation notification came of an approaching vessel. We were ordered to leave the cave system and head to the shuttle.

Upon boarding the shuttle we were attached by the unknown vessel in orbit which seemed to be quite intent on exterminating us. I must admit that it was a tense and daunting experience and definitely gave me a taste of the more dangerous side of being in Starfleet.

I had entered Starfleet with the intent of increasing my scientific learning and though intellictually aware of the more military side of UFS have not given it much thought as I have concentrated more on my studies. This has made me more aware of the other side of the organization and I will need to find a way to come to terms with it.

I have been raised with the maxim of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations which UFS does espouse themselves. It seems incongruent with such a philosophy to have a militaristic arm. But even my people are set up so. It is a quandary I will need to come to understand.

Regardless communication with the unknown vessel and the only response was 'No witnesses and no survivors.' Though the being did express regret for such orders. Such illogical behavior is perplexing.

Unfortunately the shuttle suffered a malfunction and we could launch or protect ourselves from the bombardment so we were then ordered to head back into the mines to find some protection.

We reentered the mines and headed to the operation control center where attempts were made to contact the Goddard but perhaps due to being underground we had no success. Though we did get intermittent garbled answers from the Goddard and as the ship approached it appeared to drive off the one that had been attacking us.

We exited the mines and found the shuttle burning up. Upon closer inspeciton of the area we found a beacon of some type. Attempts were made to boost our commuication signal using a tricorder and it was eventually successful with the Goddard making it down to pick us up.

I have to say despite the danger were under it was a very fascinating experience and I greatly enjoyed the scientific study of the mission. I do very much look forward to doing more in the future aboard the USS Courageous.

End Log
Ensign T'Pris
Lt. Victoria Moonshadow
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