SS Peedy Thor: Personal Logs - 2nd LT Malik King

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UFS Civilian


*walks into his mother's office and uses her computer*

Computer Begin logs and tag them Sandman

Confirmed 2nd LT and welcome to Peedy Thor

*looks around hearing something and laughs* I need to get use to you computer. Well my first mission on the Thor was awesome. Got to meet a AI, dude was weird, but was fun helping my CO 2nd LT Firecaster. Mother helped me with my uniform last evening then was beamed to the Vera....she came home all bruised and sore.. said something about something wanting I just grabbed an ice pack and thought she was losing it. Anyway, nothing too major to say given this is the first of Many of logs for me. I will keep it short and I need to speak to the Major about training..

Computer End logs and show me pictures of my family

End Logs and shows slide show of pictures
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