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Chief of Security Duty Log - James Williams

Posted: 200124.0252
by Draco Dimanovic
Stardate 0123.20
LTJG Williams, James

At around 1440 hours local time, Cadet Starsmith was beamed into the Peedy Thor sickbay having sustained serious injuries.

The injuries were incurred from a conduit exploding in main engineering aboard the USS Goddard. At this time, he is unable to answer questions. A follow-up will occur upon his release from sickbay.

As it stands right now, we are unable to determine if foul play was involved due to the blast doors being lowered and completely impeding any personnel from entering for any reason.

I've checked the tactical station and noticed a 17% decrease in phaser and shield efficiency caused by the explosion. Whether that is by design or simple happenstance remains to be seen.

Commander Vandread-Rose has ordered teams be placed at the transporter room and airlock leading toward the Goddard. I will be sending 3 teams to fill those roles. One to man the transporter room, one to man the airlock, and one to rove on the Goddard itself.

A formal investigation will immediately be underway, but as it stands right now, I'm not certain what we'll find given that our possibly only witness is currently unconscious and the current area is closed off. I'll go over the engineering logs to find out who was in there in the last 48 hours. that should help us figure if it was foul play or not.

More information will follow as I obtain it.


James Williams
Head of Peedy Thor Security