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SS Peedy Thor: Chedy Artis : Medical log

Posted: 200123.1805
by Chedy Artis
Stardate 20.01.23
After beeing informed in a short meeting that our departure for the outpost "Mercy " was beeing delayed . Captain Dimanovic asked me to continue the physicals of the crew members starting with the Lieutenant James Williams.
Since Doctor WilliamH Greymoon was there , i asked him to supervise me , for quality control and educational purposes.

I did a complete physical examination with a long term and short term memory test. Everything was going fine and we were almost done when Cadet Albert Starsmith was beamed into sickbay with major injuries. He was burn, his right shoulder was dislocated and he seems to have difficulty breathing . We put him in a bio-bed and Doctor Alexander Johnson and I tried to help the poor Cadet. I gave him some pain medecine (10 cc of Terakine) so he feels less pain and start to relax so we can start healing his burns and replace the dislocated shoulder. I gave him 3 ccs of Kelotane to start healing the major burns. Doctor Johnson gave the Cadet 5 ccs of Keyolane. The patient started to have an allergic reaction to it so Doctor Johnson gave him 10 ccs of Lectrazine for the allergic reaction . I start the maneuver to reduced the shoulder dislocation it seemed right but the Cadet had some pain in his fingers so i asked Doctor Johnson to rescan the shoulder while i touch the shoulder to feel any signs of misplacement then i lift the arm in the correct anatomical positionning. The pain disapeared from the shoulder and fingers. Doctor Johnson scanned the chest of cadet Starsmith to discover two broken ribs, he then used the osteogenic stimulator to start regenerate the bones and it works perfectly the cadet still had some pain from the burns so he also used the dermal regenerator. The cadet fell asleep for a while. Doctor Johnson filled up the cadet file while i took care of him. He should be able to work in a day or two but have to care not to strain himself.

After that i finished the lieutenant Williams physical reports. the health reports is good he seemed fit for duty but i didn't had time to get him on a scale so i dont have his weight and height but the rest was all done . The report is on LCAR.
Ensign Chedy Artis out

Re: SS Peedy Thor: Chedy Artis : Medical log

Posted: 200225.0956
by Chedy Artis
From: Ensign Chedy Artis
Date: week starting 20.02.13 to 20.02.19

Duties Performed:
* This week started with the organization of all the medical equipment and the reorder of every missing medication or the replication of missing medical furnitures and medication (including med kits restocks, portable med cases, surgical and medical trays and the locked Drugs dispensers in Sick bay and Quarantine.
* Replaced the bio-gel filters and ran some test for virus and bacteria ( only found some flu viruses and common infections bacterias )
* Ran level 5 sterilization cycle in Sickbay and Quarantine. * Ran some level 5 diagnosis on all medical equipment ( with Ops and engineering cooperation)we discovered a malfunctioning bio-bed (engineers repaired it) it was only a bad calibration in the scanning systems.
* The negative pressure quarantine system needed an upgrade (done by engineering)
* Replaced 2 tricorders and a dermal regenerator
* Biofilters at docking points and transporter pads are fully operational and clean. I did all the testing myself.
* Schedules some extra staff for the upcoming events

* Cadet LucyAnne Firecaster medical check-up
(20.02.13 Fit for duty)
* Cadet Laadia Xaijadna (biobubo) medical check-up
(20.02.15 Fit for duty)
* Captain Draco Dimanovic Wounded during Romulan fight on Goddard ( Broken ribs open wound on the front left side of the chest almost to the heart, phaser burns) 3 cc Kelotane, and 5 cc Dermaline, 10 cc Anetrizine, 40 cc Inaprovaline, 15 cc Trioxin, 5 cc Improvoline, 5 cc Sterilite, 5 cc Tryptophan-lysine distillate, Dermal regenerator and osteogenic Stimulator used, sutures the wound.
* Resuture Captain Dimanovic wound after he was brought back to sickbay by Ensign Silverfall.
* Commander Vandread-Rose Pain in her right elbow after hitting one of the console on Goddard bridge. Scan revealed a hairline fracture of the lateral epicondyle of the humerus used some ostéogenic stimulator associate with a day immobilization of the articulation gave 10 cc Triptacederine and 1 cc Alkysine (prevention dose)

Re: SS Peedy Thor: Chedy Artis : Medical log

Posted: 200225.0958
by Chedy Artis
Stardate 200220

I was looking out for my patients. I found Ensign Starsmith on the bridge i asked him if he still had pain in his broken rib. He was moving his arm and doing his job like nothing happened so I'm satisfied with his healing.

Captain Dimanovic came to the bridge. I'm not surprised it's impossible to keep a ranked officer in a biobed more then a couple hours. Their sense of duty drive them to panic attacks when they cannot move around and do their jobs. He still have some pain and i've prescribe some analgesics (Morphenolog 5cc) which i cannot be sure he takes. He seems to heal pretty good. His wife send me pictures of his wounds everyday so i can follow the healing process.

I'm happy to learn that Commodore Mistwallow is going for a two weeks vacation on Quantica III. The Orion techniques of relaxation and anger control are very effective even if risky I hope he'll be able to find some peace of mind. I'll evaluate him when he comes back. Dr Hu Merus will be there with him and will transfer any medical record if needed.

Fleet captain Lizzy Gracemount is going with the Commodore i hope she can get some rest too and comes back with a new state of mind. She seemed very stressed and anxious lately.

Head of security Williams and Second lieutenant Firecaster start moving to the roof with the prisoner. When the embark into the shuttle. They called the Commodore and the fleet captain to the roof. I followed the Captain and the Commodore to the roof to be sure they all get in the shuttle safely.

Captain Dimanovic and I get back to the bridge as the shuttle start elevating in the sky.

Captain asked to listen to the conversation on board the shuttle and to boost the scanners as much as we can. I thought he feels something might go wrong. Soon the conversation in the shuttle starts to affect the commodore. I know he is quite vulnerable now. But a bleep on the shuttle scanner make us worrying about an enemy vessel cloaked. We boost the scanners i even used the new science scanner to make sure we see more accurately what was there.

The shuttle life control system monitors the passengers vital signs. I saw signs of pain and distress in the Commodore heart rate and the frequency and depth of breathing. I thought of having the 2nd lieutenant give some pain medication 5 cc Morphenolog to help relax and lower any pain sensation in the commodore. To lower the commodore stress I asked the 2nd lieutenant to sedate the prisoner with 10 cc Neurozine which is enough to make him pass out without having to intubate him. She gave the morphenolog to the commodore. She wasn't sure about the prisoner. The commodore sign of anxiety were getting out of control. In a state of hyperventilation and losing the sense of the present time returning to the time of its captivity in the hands of the Romulans his health is very concerning.

After her asking for authorization she did not had time to give it as we saw a decloaking vessel. While lt William starts evasive maneuvers and ask fleet captain Austen to get weapons ready. he reordered the 2nd lt to finally give the Neurozine to the romulan. I dont really know what happenned but Kermie's doesn't seems to calm down so i asked 2nd lt Firecaster to give him some 5 cc Synaptizine to ensure he doesn't fall into psychosis and have brain damage due to the panic. As the medication take effects we heard him screams and be sick then his vitals sign got better (deeper breath lower heart rate and blood pressure stabilizing).

Then we saw the rendez-vous ship on the scanners and the situation turned in our favor. Finally the Romulan got beamed aboard the other ship and i told the 2nd lieutenant to not let the Commodore have too much of the beer he asked for the Synaptizine and Morphenolog make the alcohol effect a lot stronger. Maybe it was a bit late for that he was already quite drunk.

Ensign Artis Log out

Re: SS Peedy Thor: Chedy Artis : Medical log

Posted: 200303.0944
by Chedy Artis
This morning, I arrive at the station to start my shift. It is only 6:45 am. At the door, I meet fleet captain Lizzy Gracemount. She seems changed to me, usually she is distant and never spoke to me. Today she smiles at me and says hello lightly. She is still at rest because she does not have her uniform. She wears a dress that suits her perfectly and stilettos with magnificent little charms in the shape of a frog. I was worried when she left the base because her behavior seemed full of anger and anxiety. So I tell her about her vacation and I ask her if she wants to meet with me to update her medical records.
So we go to my office and she tells me about her trip, especially the part of her stay at the butterfly sanctuary. I check the notes of the therapist she met. Her aggressiveness and anxiety have really decreased. Her physical exams are excellent so I think she is fit to work. I assure her that she is fine in my opinion and I wish her a good day. As soon as he leaves, I look at my appointments for the day. I received a note from Commodore Mistwallow he will be there between 9h and 10h it gives me time to do my tour. I have two patients in stable condition (Ensign Grimson and Lieutenant Bolton) and one patient (Ensign Phoenix) in rather critical condition following the fall of a huge piece of metal in the engineering department. I was assured that they had repaired the station but three engineers are in my infirmary. We should review the security measures of the engineering department. I will send a request to Captain Dimanovic as soon as I can be sure they will recover soon.

After my tour i sent the note to the Captain, when Ensign Tiger Silverfall came to my office for a quick question. He was on his way out when Commodore Kermie Mistwallow arrived for his long due medical examination. " Hello Commodore !"
After i did a complete physical examination. Commodore Mistwallow seems to be way more relax. He is in perfect shape both physically and mentally. In my Doctor opinion he is fit for duty and he's eager to return to work. So WELCOME BACK HOME COMMODORE !!!!