Chief Operations Officers Log - Stardate 191121

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Begin recording

Well, here we are again it seems. Picking up the pieces.

The Thor has been rebuilt from the ground up, new location and with the academy relocated from Gene. Makes sense from a defensive standpoint not to have our facilities spread too widely. Just hope we don't regret having nearly all our eggs in one basket.

Focus now is getting everything shipshape and operational as quickly as possible. Whilst the past few weeks have been hard on everyone, we can't stop now. Fortunately, I've been assigned a new crewman which is a great help. He's shown to be very capable which is a bonus at a time like this.

USS Goddard is undergoing repairs for its battle damage, should be completely operational again in few weeks. Priority though is our groundside installations. Long range comms are being relayed through Goddard (it's comm system was undamaged luckily) and system traffic is being controlled through civilian channels. We've had one or two near misses with the civilian freighters. I would have liked to have assigned personnel of our own, but we have no spare hands.

Environmental controls are a mess, one corridor felt like a blast furnace whilst one room could double as a freezer. Several consoles in the Ops centre are erratic, Ensign Silverfall has requested Engineering to deal with that as a matter of priority.

End recording
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