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Security Chief's Log
Stardate 1115.19

The old Peedy Thor has decommed. Now we have a new station with state of the art equipment and tech. Problem is right now, it's still being worked on. I have this huge space for a HQ for security that's gonna' be used as the armory, brig, and my office. I might see about getting a conference table in there to hold meetings for my department.

Kowalski and McChord are assisting Engineering to get our command codes and security protocols into the new computer. It's slow going but it's gonna help out a lot in the long run. I've even had them input a few unwritten command protocols so that we don't have a repeat like the Romulans, taking over our systems with a few keystrokes. If it's done correctly, anyone outside of Starfleet will need the authorization of the CO, XO, me, and one other department head. I just hope it's good enough.

*chuckles* On a side note, apparently my tactics became a bit popular around the different helmsmen and tac officers. They grouped them all together and titled it "Williams' Little Book of Insanity: Strategies Too Crazy for Will Riker". If it helps save lives, I'm all for it.

Right now, there's not much for me to do, aside from catch up on my paperwork. The new tactical stations are pretty slick. With two stations, two officers can use the orbital platforms and rain hell upon intruders. It takes a huge load and splits it so that one person isn't having to focus on as many tasks at once. All the better.

Now onto the the sour part of this.

That mission was a travesty. No communication aside from the occasional "On me" from Major Rhodes. I did manage to take a Romulan prisoner and bring him back, but the major saw fit to take over the interrogation. I know that is all part and parcel of leading an away mission, but interrogation is part of my training. I know how to question a prisoner. He should've been more focused on the mission at hand than questioning a Romulan lieutenant. We've gotta do better.I've gotta do better.

And If that wasn't bad enough, there was another officer threatening to kill the LT. My first combat away mission and I was a button press away from arresting a superior officer and charging them with murder. And I thought Klingons were vengeful. But what's done is done and it didn't come to that. As far as I know there's a cease-fire going on, the Romulan's wounds have been treated, and he's been released to his people. Hopefully, this is the start of lasting peace between us in this quadrant.

As it stands right now, all I can do is stay out of Engineering's way and delegate my officers to assist them when they need it. And before ya' know it, we'll be up and running. And if anyone tries to mess with us, we'll sure as hell be ready.

James Williams
Ensign, Head of Peedy Thor Security
hic semper
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