Chief Operations Officer Log - Stardate 191003

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Begin recording

Alerted to a problem concerning a mission to Outpost Z-401. This was a two man crew who had been dispatched to the above outpost to carry out routine maintenance on it's computer systems. The crew was fifteen hours overdue for return and attempts to contact them had failed. Given our own systems are still undergoing repairs from the recent critical overload and our mission to Haven, their delay was overlooked.

With no ship available to divert, I decided the quickest and best course of action was to head out there myself. Z-401 is located a relatively short distance away from Pinastri Prime. A shuttle was prepped and Cadet Anderson volunteered to accompany me, which I was grateful for. With two of us, we'd be more effective and the cadet has proved efficient in duties assigned to her. On route, we went over the schematics of the outpost and the mission profile of the maintenance team

Z-401 has been in operation roughly six months, but the module that forms this outpost is about seven years old and has seen use in other locations throughout the system. It's located on a what is a glorified piece of rock that is in a relatively stable orbit. Not quite a moon. There is no proper landing pad, and entry to the module is through a single airlock. The outpost can be best described as basic. Its mainly automated, although there are facilities for a small crew to survive there for a while. I believe that may be one of the reasons its still in operation. It can act as a sort of "lifepod" for any small crew that could encounter trouble in this part of the system. There is also the capability to act as a back up subspace relay and a listening post.

Upon arrival, there was no response to hails, and a scan of the area had negative results. There were no other vessels in the area. Cadet Anderson remained in the shuttle whilst I suited up and went outside to do a scout around the module, checking for visible signs of damage. Satisfied there wasn't, I moved to enter the module, keeping a channel open to the shuttle. Usually, I'd have to enter a security code to gain access, yet this time, the airlock opened upon my approach. Curiouser and curiouser.

The interior was intact, A container with dried rations was by the bunk. There were similar containers outside with equipment. No sign of damage or violence. No sign of any crew either. Structural integrity was green so I indicated for Anderson to join me from the shuttle. We examined the computer systems, log entries, area scan reports trying to find some clue as to the whereabouts of the maintenance team when a chance comment from Anderson made me realise something.

Where was the shuttle the maintenance team came here on?

Cursing myself for not seeing this earlier, we went over the arrival/departure scans and found no record of any arrival since the team thirty six hours earlier. No departure either was registered by the sensors. We decided there was little we could do, so Anderson transferred the computer logs to the shuttle. Whilst she was doing that, I went outside again to double check the hull. Climbing a ladder, I inspected the equipment that sat on the top of the module and the solar array, All were undamaged, but when I was preparing to climb down, I noticed a maintenance hatch was open. Inside, there was nothing recognisable as it was all burnt out. A circuit overload? The hatch was undamaged, not like it had been blown open by any sort of explosion.

With more questions than answers, we locked down the main computer and sealed the module. On the journey back to the Thor, we scanned the area for any sign of the shuttle. Negative.

The data we brought back will be handed over to security, and the ident signature of the missing shuttle will be transmitted to all ships traveling through this sector.

End recording
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