Operations Log - 190826

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Computer begin recording

Operations Log entry by LtCdr Vandread-Rose,

Repairs of the physical damage caused by the blowout are nearly completed. As to our computer systems, that's another story. Progress is slow as system is brought online a bit at a time after a thorough diagnostic has been completed and checked, then checked again.

During all this, we've been trying to project an impression of "everything is in hand" which may have backfired as it seems something slipped past the bio scanners installed at the docking zones. Either that or this thing just appeared out if nowhere, which seems perfectly plausible.

I was my way to report to the academy, when I got a priority message from some cadets who were at HQ. They had come across something in the grounds, near the QM office. I grabbed a tricorder and, as a precaution, a phaser and proceeded to the location. On the way, I met Lt Cdr McDunner from USS Sheppard, and he agreed to accompany me.

The lifeform was small, lying on the ground, with some slight smoke rising from its mouth. One of the cadets, an Andorian, Bunny I think her name is, was crouched on the ground beside it. I don't know why, but the word "dragon" seemed to come to mind, even though the lifeform was considerably smaller than the fearsome firebreathers of old Earth legends. I scanned with the tricorder, but it didn't come back with anything based on any known lifeform. In the plus column, there was also no trace of any known contagious/ bacterial emanating from the dragon.

I think the three cadets were nearly arguing about what to do, so between ourselves, Martian would take charge of the scene and await support from the Sheppard with the cadet who was tending the lifeform, whilst I took the other two to the Thor's sickbay to do a complete scan on them. Just to make sure nothing had become too attached to them that the tricorder might have missed.

Alex, our MD was elsewhere, so it was left to me to do the scan. Just as well its all automated. Fortunately, the results were clear, although I suggested to them to get the academy medics to give them a proper lookover.

If nothing else, this has brought a couple of things to my attention I think need to be looked at: firstly the EMH program needs to be fully operational in case the medics are detained elsewhere. Secondly, we seem to have no quarantine facilities on the ground, we're reliant on whichever ship is closest. Something to add to the to-do list as a matter of urgency.

End log entry.
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