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Computer, begin recording

At last, a little peace and quiet. Well not much quiet, as you can probably hear in this recording *giggles softly*

One of the traders, who comes through the station every now and again knows I like little bits and pieces of Old Earth, presented me with the most unusual object. Its a little box, with these very fragile black discs on, that spin and very scratchy music comes out. It's rather cool and that's what's playing in the background as I make this recording. Well that and the sound of the base etc as I'm recording this sitting outside the Ops centre in the fresh air. It's been so busy lately that I thought "why not"

Anyway, It's been completely mad round here the past week or so since that weird system blow back, up or whatever. Repairs are nearly completed, well to the physical damage. Still no idea what's caused this massive disruption so we're not letting our guard down. A lot of key systems are still offline whilst the tech guys go through and make sure this weird thing isn't embedded in there.

System traffic is still being managed from the Godard whilst we get ourselves sorted down here. Had local colonies in my ear nearly every day "if we cant defend ourselves against a little tech problem like this, how can we protect them against something major?" I bet they even blame us for the recent seismic events too.

To top it off, I was promoted as well. Like I said, things have been a little mad lately.

Oh no, sounds like somethings gone bang in Ops again and I can hear someone running towards me, shouting my name. Ah well, no rest for the wicked.

End recording
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