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Begin recording

A whole year.

Ok, we're talking in Earth terms and to be strictly accurate it's a year and 6 days. But seriously, a whole year since I graduated and was assigned to the Thor. Where has the time gone?

What a year though. From being in orbit to groundside. Being attacked by mirror versions of ourselves to looking for strange little blobs. And of course, being released from shakedown status.

I look back and think of the rather bewildered Ensign who first came aboard, (and was hit with crew inspection on her first day too!), and wonder if she knew what was coming would she have turned around and run away on the next shuttle out? If I could go back and change anything, would I?

Hell no!!!

I look around and see my fellow crew members, the people who journey through either on their way to the academy or to their own ships, the people I share this little piece of Starfleet with and I know,

I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the universe.

End recording
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