USS Thor - Crew Openings

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Greetings all,

USS Thor is looking for personnel to join its crew!

Named in honour of the late Admiral Peedy Thor, this Sovereign class ship is assigned to the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant. The crew carries on the proud Starfleet tradition of peaceful exploration. Although they sometimes forget about the peaceful part….

We have numerous positions available including senior roles such as Chief of Engineering, Operations and Medical. From Science Officer to Head Nurse, Communications Officer to keeping bar with our fantastic Civilian bar tender, Emily. There's sure to be something for you. If there isn't, suggest it! We'll be happy to consider it

Our RP time is Thursday, starting at 1330 SLT. We are also trialling an extra RP on Mondays at 1330SLT. Our missions usually last between 90 to 120 minutes.

Please feel free to come along to observe or join in. Guests are always welcome.

For more information please contact:

Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose – CO
(3249Rowena Resident)
James Williams - XO
(Adomsisko Resident)
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