USS Thor RP 220811 - Final Prep

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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=^= Mission Summary=^=

The crew continue to make preparations to put the plan into action. Dax examines the navi-comm and finds a likely location for Mangus base.

Ensign Springshade, with the assistance of Ensign Cole Topaz, have created some counter measures if the team were to come into contact with the toxin that was deployed on the prison transport.

Major Woods oversees the loading of the equipment and makes adjustments to the plan. In no time at all, they are ready to depart….

=^= Mission Participants =^=

XO - Captain Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose
Marine Officer - Major Sirena Wood
Medical Officer - Ensign Evangeline Springshade
Medical Officer - Ensign Cole Topaz (Sensual Enchantment)
Operations Officer - Lt (jg) Daxoria Amaya-Char
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