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USS Thor RP 220616 - Gone

Posted: 220702.1322
by 3249Rowena
=^= Mission Summary=^=

On their way home after the meeting with Lansador, the crew receive a distress signal. From the very same transport vessel with Commander Williams on board! Heading quickly to assist, they arrive to find the ship adrift and unresponsive.

Beaming aboard, they find two of the transport crew dead, another barely alive and Williams missing. Puzzlement turns to horror when a parasite emerges from the helm officers body. The creature is vaporized by Major Wood, whilst the survivor is beamed to the runabout.

With news the Thor is on its way to rendezvous with them, the team begin the task of trying to work out what happened to the transport, why it was off course and what has happened to Williams.

=^= Mission Participants=^=

XO - Captain Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose
Marine OiC - Major Sirena Wood
Operations - LT jg Daxoria Amaya
Science - Ensign T’Lara
Medical - Ensign Evangeline Springshade