USS Thor RP 220505 - Prisoner: Williams, J

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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=^= Mission Summary=^=

USS Thor is on route home. Commander Williams is languishing in the brig when Captain Vandread-Rose, Major Woods and Lt Amaya come to see him.

The XO has managed to obtain further details as to the accusations against him and seems there’s a connection with the criminal Major Woods helped to apprehend a few months earlier, Mangus. The charges implicate Williams in the abduction of the XO the previous year and in a scheme to undermine Starfleet command in the Delta quadrant.

Believing this must be part of Lansadors scheme to interfere with the Thor operations, The XO orders the Thor to continue on course, whilst she takes a small team in a runabout to seek out Lansador and force the truth from him.

=^= Mission Participants=^=

XO - Captain Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose
Chief of Security - Commander James Williams
Marine OiC - Major Sirena Wood
Operations - Lt (jg) Daxoria Amaya
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