SS Peedy Thor PTRP016 "Game Night" 180630

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


As I was waiting for my shuttle to the conference, a number of the crew came into Pinastri Table for some off-duty activities. Along with the crew a number of the crew from the USS Sheppard helped us pass the evening with some games and general conversation.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


COMM Ravyn Stormchyld
COMM Kermie Mistwallow
Lt Cmdr Brittany Buttons
Lt Cmdr Yaria Carmona
Commander Rich Lombardia
Ltjg Emerald Parkin
Ensign 3249Rowena Resident
Lt Cmdr T'Prain
Ltjg Dazria Mel
Lt Cmdr Zia Vaniva
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