SS Peedy Thor PTRP003 "Trial by Fire part 2"

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Mission Name: Trial by Fire
SS Peedy Thor Mission PTRP003
Stardate: 180317
Mission Time: 1pm slt
Prepared by: Comm Ravyn Stormchyld/ Lt Cmdr Rich Lombardia/Fcaptain Mistwallow
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information
5. Uniform of the Day


Due to the severe injuries obtained by the Trill host, the symbiont needed a ne host to survive. The Acting CMO quickly cross matched everyone on the station that could possibly be a host. There was two, as one of them already had a symbiont, it fell to Comm Ravyn Stormchyld as being the only viable host. Upon hearing this the Commodore refused to under go the surgery, at which time the not so good doctor injected him with a sedative and began the two surgeries.

Commodore Poison Toocool was finally able to over ride the surgical bay door lockouts and gain entrance to the bay. The surgery had already been completed by this time. She ordered the security team to take the medical staff in custody and place them in the brig.

The symbiont transplant was completed successfully and the joining process has finally come to close. Comm Stormchyld awoke to a flurry of excitement over the whole procedure making him even uneasier about all of it than before.

The Chief of Security and the Marine OIC conducted an investigation of the events of the surgery and of the sabotage during the initial takeover of the station. Based on their findings we are proceeding to trial.

Come find out the fate of the Medical Team, should be quite exciting.

Location of RP: SS Peedy Thor
Meeting Brief Location: Operations Deck
Alert Status: None
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)

Operations: be prepared for any internal sensor readings needs for court.



Medical: Peedy Thor medical team prepare defense for trial. Special Trill Medical Expert will be testifying.

Security: You are on transport of the prisoners and general security.

Marines: Assist Security with securing the court room and perimeter patrol for transport of prisoners and high level members attending.

Cadets: Assist where directed

Ships Assisting: None

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact Rich Lombardia or Ravyn Stormchyld to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)
3) SCS combat system is required.

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!
We have had some extreme conditions lately on the station, see above for full details.

=/\= Uniform of the Day =/\=

Uniform of the day will be Duty Uniform

UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Commodore Ravyn Stormchyld
Lt Commander Rich Lombardia
FCaptain Kermie Mistwallow
Commodore Poison Toocool
Major Kiara1.noel
Lt Yaria Carmona
Ensign Jax316
Ensign D. Paris Mel
Ensign Emerald Parkin
Ensign Skytate51

**Computer Record Log**

As the trial started, we heard a damning Prosecution and a Passionate Defense opening remarks. After hearing these I began to reconsider a few things, this left me quite in an emotional state with the whole situation. The Prosecution stated that what the acting CMO LT Yaria Carmona had done was assault, unlawful, and ethically immoral. The Defense argued that what she had done was to save lives and to come out of it with the best possible solution, under the tenuous circumstances.

As we listened to the Prosecution making his case, we heard a large spectrum of ideas that many had thought about it. We heard from Lt Cmdr Brittany Buttons and the events and her thoughts on the situation. The questioning ended with Commodore Ravyn Stormchyld giving his recount of the limited memory he has of the account. His thoughts on the situation and how he feels that it was for the best now, but did not initially agree to the procedure.

Towards the end of Commodore Ravyn Stormchyld's testimony, a final piece of crucial evidence came in. The judge Commodore Poison Toocool, called for a recess to evaluate the new evidence for submission for the court.

** Computer End Log**
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Lt Yaria Carmona

"Medical Personnel Present: D. Paris Mel M.D. (aadazriamel), Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin)

Dr. Carmona was called before a court martial and accused of several charges: One Charge of Assault and Battery on a Senior Officer, One Charge of Kidnapping, One Charge of Medical Negligence and One Charge of Conduct Unbecoming a Starfleet Medical Officer.

The prosecution called two witnesses, Brittany Buttons (Acting CO at the time) and Ravyn Stormchyld (the alleged victim). Both gave testimony and were cross-examined by the defense.

The court was put in recess as new evidence was brought forward by the ethics committee."

Lt Cmdr Rich Lombardia

"I volunteered as defense counsel for Lt. Carmona. I expected the worse and was as prepared as I could be. So much had occurred during my unconsciousness and now I had to sort it out. Although only an accomplice, I was worried for my wife. Prosecuting the case was Fleet Captain Mistswallow. I was not looking forward to having to argue against him court. At the beginning of the trial, the charges were read.
• One Charge of Assault and Battery on a Senior Officer
• One Charge of Kidnapping
• One Charge of Medical Negligence, due to the new host not being included in the Decision
• One Charge of Conduct Unbecoming a Starfleet Medical Officer
The one bit of good news came shortly after. The other Medical Officers were excused from these charges and released from custody due to general order 34. That was two of three officers off the hook for wrongdoing. The case began with Lt. Cmdr. Buttons. I did my best to restrict Kermie’s questions that were asking for speculation or opinion. The next on the agenda was Commodore Ravyn Stormchyld himself. If there was one potentially damaging witness it was him. Oddly, he was more helpful than hurtful. He did admit to initially declining the operation but admits it was a favorable decision. I was completely surprised and relieved. The judge called for adjournment before it was my turn to cross-examine the witness. I look forward to the continuation of the case as it appears to be going in our favor.

FCaptain Kermie Mistwallow

"The trial of the medical personnel commenced this week. The courtroom was intense and very unfamiliar however my duty came first. The duty of every Starfleet Officer is to the Truth and that is what I tried to embody.

While not much can be disclosed about the ongoing case at this time I presented myself as a Starfleet Officer Should, with Respect and Dignity.

Due to circumstances surrounding the case the Medical Officers have been released from custody and allowed to return to duty.

However, the trial still continues with the Chief Medical Officer

End Log"

Lt Cmdr Brittany Buttons

"I reported to the courtroom today for the beginning of the court martial proceedings. The charges were read and opening statements made, after which I was called to testify. I was relieved that the recent electrocution suffered by our XO, Commander Rich Lombardia, did not seem to dull his ability to defend our CMO. While I was testifying it soon became clear that I should pause before giving my response, until after he had finished objecting, as the majority of questions were indeed considered objectionable and I never was allowed to respond.

While it is still early, I have every confidence of a swift and decisive trial that concludes with Lt. Carmona found innocent on all charges. I find myself looking forward to court reconvening and watching the proceedings continue.

Major Kiara1 Noel

The trial was a good one. Everyone played their roles respectfully and the 2 lawyers were amazing. I do wish I could be in one of the missions as a rescue or something, but where ever I am needed I will serve wholeheartedly.

Ensign Jax316 Resident

during the trial, I escorted the prisoners to jag and I guarded the door so no one can escape.
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