SS Peedy Thor PTRP002 "Starting Off on the Wrong Foot part 2"

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Mission Name: Starting Off on the Wrong Foot part 2
SS Peedy Thor Mission PTRP002
Stardate: 180224
Prepared by: Comm Ravyn Stormchyld/ Lt Cmdr Rich Lombardia/Fcaptain Mistwallow
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information
5. Uniform of the Day

Following the aftermath of the volcano destroying our ground facility, We have spent the last two years on SS Athena, in cramped conditions. During this time we have weathered severe ion storms and general issues, prolonging the construction of the SS Peedy Thor. The station has finally been completed and our lcars system installed. Welcome to the Station Crew, while at first we are skeleton in nature we have a lot of work to do.

During out initial phases of station readiness checks, operations found a group of subroutines that had been planted in the computer core. Attempting to remove them triggered a security protocol in them that affected life support and the reaction control thrusters. The station began to decay orbit and fall to Pinastri. While Operations was attempting to flush the core and reboot, Lt Cmdr Rich Lombardia went to engineering to help with the power outages and calibration of the power cores. While trying to recalibrate, a console exploded, stopping the Lt Cmdr's heart. Medical teams where dispatched immediately and as soon as he was stabilized. he was emergency transported to sickbay.

Location of RP: SS Peedy Thor
Meeting Brief Location:
Alert Status: None
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Check computer core and make sure all downloads processed completely

Engineering: Double check the power cores, eps relays, and life support systems

Science: Check supplies, familiarize yourself with labs, keep watering the plants, and double check the sensors

Medical: Check Supplies, familiarize yourself with sickbay, begin physicals, and update crew files.

Security: Double check brig forcefields and systems, check tactical, and do a general patrol through the station.

Cadets: Assist where directed

Ships Assisting: None

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact Rich Lombardia or Ravyn Stormchyld to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)
3) SCS combat system is required.

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!
See above for backstory of why the station is here, was built, and why we are here. No ships will be supporting this week. We are in Pinastri system, in orbit above Pinastri Prime.

=/\= Uniform of the Day =/\=

Uniform of the day will be Duty Uniform

UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


**Computer start recording**

Comm Poison Toocol - Off Duty
Lt Cmdr Bit0honey - Operations/Command
Lt Yaria Carmona - acting CMO
FCaptain Nebuleone Rhode - Acting Chief of Science
Lt jg Drake Cole - Science
Commander Ponce.Zapatero - NPC-CMDR Brent Sloan Tactical/acting Chief of Security
2nd Lt Aires Wingate - Marines
Cmdr Jackray Toocool - Engineering
Cadet Yumiko Cole(valonthesoulreaper) - Medical
Cadet Dzaria Mel(johannejones) - Medical
Emerald Parkin - Medical
Captain Jim Rode (Poison Toocool) - Engineering
Ambassador Vene Raax (Poison Toocool)
T'Sar (Observer)

"The station is still shuttering from decaying orbit and the workbees trying to keep the station from plummeting to the planet's surface. Operations are busy trying to get the system reboot, meanwhile, in the distance, we pick up scans of an approaching ion storm.
Science began to scan the ion storm keeping tabs on its speed and movement, it was definitely on its way to intercept the station. This was all we needed right now, with everything else going on.

Out of the ion storm came a faint distress signal of the USS Boax. It was a delegation from the conference on Ocampa that had been badly hit by the ion storm. Apparently, Ambassador Vene Raax had been fatally injured during the storm. We quickly began emergency docking procedures, beaming the Ambassador to sickbay as soon as they were in transporter range. Not an easy task to do. Docking a ship when your station orbit is decaying, but not much choice in the matter.

Shortly after the arrival of the Ambassador in sickbay, the acting CMO, Lt Yaria Carmona, called Ops and informed me there was a problem and needed me in sickbay. Upon my entering sickbay, Dr. Carmona relayed to me that the host of the Raax symbiote was dying and the symbiote would need to be transplanted into another host quickly or it to would die. She began cross-matching the symbiote's DNA with the crew to find a suitable host as it would not survive in stasis long enough to contact the Symbiosis Council. Unfortunately, I was the only matching host. I flat out refused that thing in my gut and proceeded to leave sickbay. I felt a small pinch on my neck from behind and then total blackness.

Upon my awakening, I had a massive headache and strong pain and nausea in my stomach. In my hazy state, Dr. Carmona informed me that they had to do an emergency transplant of the symbiote into me. Oh, I was furious.

The security and marine teams gained access to the sickbay surgical room and I ordered them to arrest the Doctor and his staff for mutiny and assaulting a superior officer. Dr. Carmona proceeded to inform Comm Toocool that I had been relieved of duty for psychological reason, so Comm Toocool issued the same order to make it official.

**End log**"
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Yaria Carmona - Medical Dept Report

"Medical Staff: Cadets: Dazria Paris Mel (johannejones), Yumiko Leena Cole (valonthesoulreapoer), Emerald Lombardia (emerald.parkin) All took part and involved themselves, can be filed as practicals

We began the mission tending to an unconscious LT.CDR Lombardia, we then had a sudden medical emergency, a conjoined trill was injured by an ion storm and the symbiont was rejecting the host. After a computer search we determined the best match was Commodore Stormchylde, however, he tried to escape so we drugged him and performed the joining surgery against his will.

The host died during the surgery but it was otherwise a success and the CMO relieved the Commodore of command anticipating his altered mental state after the implantation of the symbiont.

We ended with the medical team being confined to quarters pending investigation."

Lt Cmdr Brittany Buttons - Operations Dept Report

"After purging the computer core and reinstalling the affected software, I rebooted the system and raced back to the main Operations deck and Flight Traffic Control, just in time to receive a transmission from a shuttle for emergency docking.

Apparently, long range sensors had picked up an ion storm while I was busy in the computer core. Shuttle Boax was coming in from Ocampa with a Trill delegation on board and had been damaged in the storm. The station was unstable, still supported by the worker bees until our thrusters were back up, but we guided them in and had their injured transported to Sick Bay as soon as they were in range.

The storm was rolling in and we increased power to the shields. Commander Sloan was dispatched as our welcoming committee and we heard the word from Medical that the patient was going to require a new surrogate, confirming the injured Trill was indeed joined, which was also confirmed by the rest of the shuttle inhabitants. Commodore Stormchyld headed to Medical to see about the patient, leaving me in charge in Ops.

I immediately touched bases with the deployed teams; Captain Hode was standing ready with the worker bees holding steady, our Trill delegation (consisting of two joined Trills, Berve Borril and Juhje Duged) were being shown to guest quarters by Commander Slone, Security had located some suspicious damage on Marine deck and additional injured were en route to Medical. Further damage was reported in the Intel wing of the Security deck and to the LCARS systems. At that point the system reset was complete and we regained control of thruster systems. Engineering was swamped with damage control, so I directed Science Officer Fleet Captain Nabulean Rhode to coordinate with Captain Hode to regain altitude and transition smoothly between the onboard thrusters and assisting worker bees.

Security was continuing its search of the station and the terminal that had been used to alter our computer systems. The Trill delegation apparently wasn’t content to wait for our update and made their way towards Medical, Security was deployed to intercept and remove them back to guest housing. Upon arrival, Wingate contacted Ops to report that the surgical suite was under lockdown. I investigated the log and noted it was a Medical lockout initiated by CMO Lt. Yaria Carmona.

I contacted the CMO on the coms and inquired as to the reasons for the lockdown. I was informed that there was a medical emergency and that there was potentially an airborne contaminant by Lt. Carmona.

Damage reports where still rolling in and I coordinated between Science Officer Lt. Cole and Engineering. We were able to reposition and transition between the supporting worker bees and our onboard thrusters successfully. I attempted to contact Commodore Stormchyld with a SitRep, but he was unresponsive to comms. I contacted Medical again, as that was where he had been headed when he left Ops and asked if anyone had eyes on the Commodore. I was informed by Cadet Mel that he was “busy” and when I demanded clarification, was told he was being treated by Medical.

At that point, I heard a commotion back towards the entrance to the Ops bridge and turned to see Commodore Toocool had joined us. While she is attached to the Academy, she is also Fleet Operations and has been an integral part of assembling the initial wave of station crew, and a trusted advisor. I asked that she clear the area as we were currently in a state of emergency and returned to attempting to ascertain the state of Commodore Stormchyld. Lt. Carmona reported he was fine and “not at all dead”, not very forthcoming at all.

It was apparent that Commodore Toocool wasn’t going to just shift out of the way and frankly, as Lt. Carmona is my adopted sibling, I had a great deal of suspicion regarding her lack of communication in the regards to the status of Commodore Stormchyld. It was then that I directed Science Officer Cole to scan Medical for any trace of airborne contamination. The automated change of command message came through from Medical and Lt. Cole reported no trace of contaminating at about the same time. It was then that I made the decision to press Commodore Toocool into service as she has the security access to override the Medical lockdown. I directed Security to escort Commodore Toocool to Medical and asked that she override the lockdown and ascertain the situation there. The station was still in a state of emergency, and with our CO and XO, both down for the count in Medical, that left me in command of the station and I could not leave the bridge.

I waited some few minutes in Ops for Commodore Toocool to respond, but when she did, it was apparent that whatever had transpired down there was too sensitive to broadcast over comms. I directed her to meet me with her team in the ready room for a full debriefing.

Comm Poison Toocool Log - ACE Director UFSA (Guest Star)
SS Peedy Thor
Stardate 180224

I am... I can hardly put it into words. Stunned. Dismayed. I cannot believe that... it's all mixed up with my own... aversion to... violation of my person. Even in the name of medical care. But this. This is... appalling. In so many ways that my head is spinning.

On stardate 180224 a shuttle arrived from Ocampa. They had been through an ion storm and suffered some damage. They had a Trill aboard with a critical injury. An ambassador, who was transported directly to sickbay. It was determined that the ambassador was... not going to survive. As she was a joined Trill, medical began to search the database for a suitable host. To this point, I am clear.

Doctor Carmona then called Commodore Stormchyld to sickbay to inform him of the situation. That much I know.

At this time I myself was in the simulator, but the station was having some issues - I supposed, because of the ion storm - and the simulator shut down in the middle of my class. I dismissed the cadets and went down to station OPs to see if I could have a friendly chat and find out when things would be back to normal.

It wasn't bedlam but you could tell something wasn't right. Ravyn was not there. Brittany had the conn. I had security coming at me welcoming me to the station and asking if I wanted a tour. They obviously wanted me out of OPs. I did not want to undermine Brittany but I held my ground until she was able to speak to me. In spite of her usual polite and energetic response to my query I sensed more was going on than she would admit.

It transpired that Ravyn was in sickbay, apparently unwell? Security was locked out of medical. I was asked if I could use my command codes to allow them access.

I was escorted to medical by security and used my command codes to enter sickbay. There I found Ravyn practically collapsed but clearly distraught, medical staff in a state. Security followed me in and Ravyn ordered them to take the medical staff to the brig.

The CMO then advised us that she had removed Ravyn from command as per regulations due to psychological complications resulting from his joining with a Trill symbiont.

Entirely against his will.

I repeat: entirely against his will.

At this time medical staff has been confined to quarters pending questioning. Dr. Carmona is in the brig. As Comm Ravyn Stormchyld is in no shape for command at present, and LTcmdr Rich Lombardia is still under treatment for a severe injury, LTcmdr Brittany Buttons are Acting CO.

The remaining two Trills who came with Ambassador Vene Raax on Shuttle Baox (Berve Borril & Juhje Duged) are in guest quarters.

At this point, I believe I am the highest ranking officer on the station. That means it might fall to me to organize a trial. I shall have to check regulations.

But it brings up so many ethical questions....
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