USS Thor RP 230828 - Unnatural Selection

Originally Named for Admiral Peedy Thor. The Sovereign Class ship is assigned to protect and serve United Federation Starfleet. With a dual assignment of both exploration and defence, The ship is available to serve a multitude of needs for the Federation.

USS Thor and it’s crew are on a ‘protect and serve’ mission in the deepest parts of the Delta Quadrant, championing the Federation’s philosophy and ideals under the motto ‘For Those That Came Before’

Roleplay Times: Thursdays at 1330 Pacific Time, Alternate Tuesdays at 1100 Pacific Time
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: 3249Rowena, Draco Dimanovic

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=^= Mission Summary=^=

The team selects an area to land at a spot away from the local lifeforms, which are gathered near to a water source. Cmdr Mitchell, Lt Springshade and LtCmdr Denar head down. The heat is oppressive and the air is dry. There are strange small hood like structures made up of dirt scattered around. Primitive shelters? They find themselves close to a large metallic disc on the ground. Denar scans it and finds it goes about 20ft into the surface, but the metal is something that cannot be identified. Despite being in the harsh desert terrain, the disc looks brand new. Denar foolishly steps onto the disc, and a strange cry echoes through the area.

Unable to see the source of the strange sound, the team cautiously moves around and finds two beings nearby. They are short, with brownish grey skin, long thin arms, large oval heads and wide eyes. One of them seems afraid of the team, whilst the other is curious. Elsa adjusts her universal translator and to her surprise, they are able to communicate with the locals. They are fascinated by Elsa’s Borg eye piece, they have heard of the “two in ones” and which were quickly overwhelmed by a higher power.

B’eail and B’foa lead them into one of the dirt hoods. They then tell of how their planet was once a great advanced civilisation, old before life had begun on planets like Pinastri or Earth. All was brought to an end when what they call the Red Moon appeared. The Saucers are its “emissaires” who periodically come and take several of their people away to serve their masters. Who B’eail calls The Eternals. The large disc is a selector, where the chosen ones stand before being taken by the Saucers.

They also provide a possible explanation for why the first world the Thor approached opened fire on them. It seems the mysterious Eternal keep every world separate. To step foot on another is death…

Their talk is cut off by a loud blast of noise that echoes throughout the area and a wind that whips up a mini sandstorm. Asked what it could be, B’eail answers “Selection” The sound has a strange effect on Denar, her face goes blank and without a word, she steps out of the shelter and heads towards the disc. The source of the noise and wind is clear. Above them, hovering silently, is a Saucer.

Contacting the Thor, they find that their ship has not detected the presence of a Saucer on the surface. Elsa and Evangeline are unable to stop Denar stepping onto the disc, and with a bright flash, she is gone! Then a loud booming voice sounds from the Saucer, naming B’eail and B’foa, who are cowering in fear, the voice states its displeasure, and the two are consumed by fire. The voice then states that the Thor can continue as it “amuses them” and that they will soon also answer the call for selection. The saucer then accelerates away…..

=^= Mission Participants =^=

CO - Fleet Captain Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose
Medical Officer - Lt Evangeline Springshade
Security Officer - Cmdr Elsa Mitchell
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