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The Office of Personnel serves as a vital aspect in the administration side of United Federation Starfleet organisation. It is a division under the Office of the UFS Chief of Staff and is responsible for maintaining a concise, complete and up to date biographical database of the UFS Member base as well as all Personnel-related matters. The work of Personnel is essential in keeping accurate records of activity, which UFS Command can use to determine levels of activity within the group, in both real life and the metaverses. Personnel currently work primarily on the UFS Database system which is due to serve as a integral part of his organisations management.

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Any requests are to be sent in by going to these links: If unable to find the request form you are looking for or need any help, please send us a email so we can help you.
And if you need a Service Jacket picture, or to have it updated do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Our email is and you will be answered within 48 hours
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