Personnel Announcement - New Deputy Director

The Office of Personnel serves as a vital aspect in the administration side of United Federation Starfleet organisation. It is a division under the Office of the UFS Chief of Staff and is responsible for maintaining a concise, complete and up to date biographical database of the UFS Member base as well as all Personnel-related matters. The work of Personnel is essential in keeping accurate records of activity, which UFS Command can use to determine levels of activity within the group, in both real life and the metaverses. Personnel currently work primarily on the UFS Database system which is due to serve as a integral part of his organisations management.

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It is my pleasure and privilege to announce Captain Data Axel as Deputy Director of the Office of Personnel Administration effective this day, 180731.

Captain Axel is immensely qualified with many years of Fleet Service in Academy, and now with Personnel. I have every confidence in his proven ability and excellent history of service to fulfill our mission and help lead the Department, and indeed UFS, through the coming transitions and challenges we face together.

Captain Axel joined the Department following a stint with us as a CGSD Intern and has been trained in every aspect of processing. He was my first new hire following my own promotion to Director at the start of the year and shows a wonderfully intuitive grasp of the work and an impeccable professional manner.

Please let's welcome him to this role and give him our cooperation, respect and assistance as he takes on this leadership position.

Congratulations Captain Axel! I am absolutely tickled to have you as my battle buddy!

Be Proud! Be Strong! Be Starfleet!

In Service,
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Wonderful, congrats Captain! Very proud of your accomplishments!
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congrats sir.
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