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The Office of Personnel serves as a vital aspect in the administration side of United Federation Starfleet organisation. It is a division under the Office of the UFS Chief of Staff and is responsible for maintaining a concise, complete and up to date biographical database of the UFS Member base as well as all Personnel-related matters. The work of Personnel is essential in keeping accurate records of activity, which UFS Command can use to determine levels of activity within the group, in both real life and the metaverses. Personnel currently work primarily on the UFS Database system which is due to serve as a integral part of his organisations management.

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Herbert Glenfadden
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Effective today - 170601 - I would like to announce that Lieutenant Junior Grade Bit0Honey Resident is hereby promoted to the role of Deputy Director, UF Starfleet Personnel. In this role, she will be my backup and second-in-command of the department, covering both the Database and Service Jacket groups.

Lieutenant 0Honey has had an impressive list of accomplishments in Personnel, having both mastered the Database and cross-trained on the Service Jacket function. Her responsibilities have continued to grow, and for the past several months have included Activating new members and handling more complex administrative issues. She has also filled in one of my weaknesses - which is documentation. As I prefer to train more one-on-one, the instructions for how to do different functions was dated at best, non-existent at worst. She has now updated or created documentation for most Personnel functions, and we hope to merge everything into a single big, indexed, updated document soon.

In reality, not much will change with her new position. She will continue to assist me in providing support to both the Service Jacket and Database teams, with Activations, and with more complex issues. Please feel free to reach out to either of us as a resource.

Please join me in congratulating Lieutenant Bit on her new position!
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Poison Toocool
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Congratulations Bit!

I remember your days in JOOP with fondness. I knew you'd contribute a lot to UFS :D
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Gratz Bit!
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Lucius Wylder
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Congratulations Bit!
Urul Yven
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UFS Civilian


Congratulations :)
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Evelyn Rieko
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Congratulations, Bit!
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Data Axel
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Congrats, Bit!
In Service
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Bit0Honey Resident
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I can't thank Commander Glenfadden enough for the team and work environment he has created in Personnel. I am honored and delighted to be taking up this new post and will endeavor to continue to provide the very best of care for our members.

In Service,

Lieutenant (JG) Brittany Buttons (bit0honey Resident)
Lt. Commander Brittany Buttons (bit0honey)
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Kressler Constantine
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Major General Kressler Constantine

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Nora Gerhadsen
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Congratulations Bit! Your facility and comfort with all things paperwork-related are sure to make you a great success in the new job. You are an asset and resource to the Fleet. Long may you remain so!
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
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Nabuleone Rhode
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Well Done, Bithoney ;)
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Fantastic news!!!
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