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EV Suit Certification

Posted: 120827.1229
by Deleted User
Proposed Class Name: EV Suit Certification

College: College of Operations

School: Flight School

Author(s): Lan Nakajima

ALL Authors Must have had the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course. If you need the course see the Dean or the Director of Curriculum Development.

College Dean consulted? [ ] Yes [X] No

Branch Commander consulted? [ ] Yes [X] No

Class Synopsis/Outline:

This class is designed to introduce Cadets and Officers to the EV Suit, and using one in various hostile environments where they're use is called for. All meetings will take place inside Tranquility's Shuttlebay.

To begin, those who do not have one will be given a Cadet EV Suit, and an explanation as how to adjust it to fit their bodies. This will be done in an RP manner, with an explanation as to why it's important to have a good fit.

Once the Class has put on and fit their suits, the instructor will then lead the class outside in shuttlecraft onto the upper hull of Tranquility, where they will park the shuttle and offload the class, explaining how to activate their magboots, and the dangers involved with drifting into space. The Instructor will instruct the class to take several minutes to walk around the hull, and give them various tasks to do. (To be determined)

Once completed the class will return to the shuttlebay, and submit their name card to the instructor before being allowed to leave.