Galactic Mixed Martial Arts 101: Basic Self Defence

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Mac Gaelyth


Proposed Class Name: Galactic Mixed Martial Arts 101: Basic Self Defence.

College: College of Security Sciences

School: School of Fleet Security

Author(s): Mac Gaelyth

ALL Authors Must have had the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course. If you need the course see the Dean or the Director of Curriculum Development.

College Dean consulted? [x] Yes [ ] No

Branch Commander consulted? [x] Yes [ ] No

Class Synopsis/Outline:

This class will be one part of three fully interactive spoken/rp'd courses, and will cover such topics in RP combat such as godmodding, powergaming, and metagaming, and is designed to assist those new to roleplay with understanding particular concepts of RP, in an engaging way.

It will be entirely 'unscripted', freeform rp, however it is intended that instructors will be trained to a particular level so as not to confuse teachings. The Instructor will pass students in this course if s/he feels that the student has provided appropriate rp.
Hidalgo Dorchester


Approved. Keep us posted. Do you have an estimate on when the first class will be ready, outlinded and submitted for final approval?
Mac Gaelyth


I'm not 100% sure when the first class will be, itself. I'm trying to figure out the ideal date/time for periodical attacks of busy & personal insanity, and I'll be on holiday this time next week. I should have a good idea of an ideal time at the 6th of September at the latest.

I have a full concept idea written out for all the classes I'm hoping to put out there, in a notecard form which I could copy paste to you now, via email, if you so wish. I know Siobhan and Jamie both have copies, if you're inworld and can't find me.

The class itself is mostly unscripted however, barring prompting the instructor to explain the RP ettiquette concepts listed below, and then it is up to the instructor to teach these self defence classes according to thier character's styles, as a number of people intending to instruct would likely be stylists in Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Klingon Mok'Bara, etc; different instructors as/when all three class types are available hopefully exposing the studying character to differing styles over time, allowing the player to adapt and utilise any style taught to them, whilst developing their skills in RP.

I won't have a full scripted class for any of these, just prompts and a very basic explanation of certain RP ettiquette concepts, so the Instructor can paraphrase if they feel they can make a more engaging/memorable definition, as well as things to look out for for grading purposes.
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Teresa Firelight
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Any chance you could also pass out some hand to hand combat animiations in the class? That would be very neat.

Mac Gaelyth


I have none to give. Sorry.
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Jamie Czavicevic
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I think it would be cool to eventually get them added to our meter ;-) Kira is great I bet she could do it ;-)
Mac Gaelyth


After looking at my calendar, Thursday the 13th seems like the best bet, 1200hrs SLT. (120913.1200)

Again, I have no real 'script' per se to hand over, but I do have an example class and tutor prompts written alongside the extended class concept. I can have that delivered at your earliest convenience. Just need to know where to drop the info.
Mac Gaelyth


Still prepared to demonstrate, same time and day (Thursday 1200hrs slt)
Hidalgo Dorchester


Please contact the UFSA Commandant and/or vice Commandant so that they might be able to be there for the demonstration. I personally will be unavailable during the posted time.
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