Starfleet Origins II: Out of Many, One

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Trennek Yuitza
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UFS Civilian


Proposed Class Name: Starfleet Origins II: Out of Many, One
College: History
School: Galactic History
Author(s): T'Rennek Yuitza

ALL Authors Must have had the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.
If you need the course see the Dean or the Director of Curriculum Development.

College Dean consulted? N/A

Branch Commander consulted? [ x ] Yes

Class Synopsis/Outline:

Part two of a 4-part series of classes documenting the origins of Starfleet. Part two will cover the dissolution of United Earth Starfleet, and focus on the troublesome period of adjustment for the fledgling Federation Starfleet.

PS. These four classes will need to be taken in chronological order, and due to the logistical problems of achieving that in-world, they will be written primarily for the Online Academy.

PPS. This is a background project so will be completed as a secondary priority to more pressing projects.
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Concept approved
Natalya Karu
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UFS Civilian


Class Name: Starfleet Origins II: Out of Many, One
Author(s): T'Rennek Yuitza
College: College of History
School: School of Galactic History
LCARS: ... any%2C_One

Class is processed and complete.
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