Proposed New Class: Introduction to Fashion Studies

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United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Submission Type: [X] New Class [ ] Major Rewrite [ ] Minor Revision

Class Name: Fashion Studies

College: Xenology

School: School of Advanced Cultural Studies

Author(s): Kassiequandrii Resident

ALL Authors Must have taken and passed the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course. [X] Yes [ ] No

Director of Curriculum Development consulted? [X] Yes [ ] No

Superintendent consulted? [ ] Yes [X] No

Class Type

[X] Lecture with Exam (Online only)

[ ] Lecture with Exam (Metaverse and Online)

[ ] Interactive Lecture with Exam (Metaverse only)

[ ] Practical Exercise or Simulation (Metaverse only) (Consult Superintendent)

Class Synopsis/Outline: Course covers the role of fashion design and technology in cultural understanding. Addresses the Starfleet Xenologist’s role in providing appropriate “cultural dress” for away teams and in analyzing and interpreting fashion information. Explains the role of IDIC, the Prime Directive, and local law and custom in the use of fashion objects.

UFSA New Class Proposal Form v180913
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Excellent, Thank You
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