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Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Submission Type: [ ] New Class [ ] Major Rewrite [X ] Minor Revision

Class Name: Medical Ethics

College: Medical

School: Medical Practice

Author(s): This Revision: Suzie Setsuko Original course: Fargus Skytower & Valerius Swansong

ALL Authors Must have taken and passed the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.

College Dean consulted? [X ] Yes [ ] No - I am the Dean, I've been in discussion with the Superintendent, also&.

School Director consulted? N/A

Class Type

[ ] Lecture with Exam (Metaverse and Online)

[ ] Lecture with Exam (Online only)

[ ] Personal Research with Exam (online only)

[ ] Interactive Lecture with Exam (Metaverse only)

[ X ] Practical Exercise or Simulation (Metaverse only)

Class Synopsis/Outline: Medical Ethics is a discussion based course that's been in existence for some time but not actively used due to a lack of qualified lecturers
This is some minor revisions to get the class back up and running again.

In terms of revisions, I am only making minor changes to the lecture e.g. it has incorrect things such as "After the lecture there will be a question and answer session, followed by a short test." which there won't be.
The majority of the content itself will remain unchanged as it's a really good course in itself.

The course comes with supporting documents (which will need to be utilised in Notecard form as it's a Metaverse class) which remain relatively unchanged:
- UFS Patient's Bill of Rights (student handout)
- Principles of Medical Ethics (student handout)
- Medical Ethics – Instructor Guide (Instructor document, containing 8 scenarios to choose from for the discussion session)

The only "major" inclusion I will be making is in the form of an additional supporting document for lecturers: "Instructor Advice on Medical Ethics Scenarios"
This goes into more detail about the scenarios posed to students in the class with some guidelines about how to keep the discussion going, possible talking points and a guide to what sort of issues the scenarios are trying to get students to consider.
With experience there will be less need for instructors to use this but it will make a handy "crib sheet".
Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Proposal Withdrawn - Project Cancelled
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