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Proposed Class - Away Mission Protocol

Posted: 180203.0623
by Cordova Marabana
United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Submission Type: [ X] New Class [ ] Major Rewrite [ ] Minor Revision

Class Name: Away Team Protocol

College: Command

School: Protocoal

Author(s):Cordova Marabana

ALL Authors Must have taken and passed the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.

College Dean consulted? [X ] Yes [ ] No

School Director consulted? [ ] Yes [X ] No

Class Type

[X] Lecture with Exam (Metaverse and Online)

[X ] Lecture with Exam (Online only)

[ ] Personal Research with Exam (online only)

[ ] Interactive Lecture with Exam (Metaverse only)

[ ] Practical Exercise or Simulation (Metaverse only)

Class Synopsis/Outline:

Away team protocol class would outline what kinds of away mission there are and what jobs are expected of the team. Based on branch or specializations. How to structure the team how to communicate back with the ship and do and don’ts of a mission.

Chain of command on the mission as well possible equipment to prepare for mission or when physical adjustments or clothing should be used to fit in.

Re: Proposed Class - Away Mission Protocol

Posted: 180206.1957
by Greenlantern Excelsior
Approved! Should be a great help for anyone who is planning to set up an Away Team RP session.