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Course Proposal - Xenophysiology 101

Posted: 170726.1200
by Suzie Setsuko
United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Submission Type: [X] New Class [ ] Major Rewrite [ ] Minor Revision

Class Name: Xenophysiology 101

College: Medical

School: Physiology

Author(s): Suzie Setsuko

ALL Authors Must have taken and passed the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.

College Dean consulted? [ X ] Yes [ ] No - Spoke to myself, also spoken to Academy Commandant.

School Director consulted? [ ] Yes [ X ] No - Not Applicable, no School Dir

Class Type

[ X ] Lecture with Exam (Metaverse and Online)

[ ] Lecture with Exam (Online only)

[ ] Personal Research with Exam (online only)

[ ] Interactive Lecture with Exam (Metaverse only)

[ ] Practical Exercise or Simulation (Metaverse only)

Class Synopsis/Outline:

Covering the physiological and medical matters (that I can find) pertinent and specific to some of the major races in the galaxy.
This is something I've slowly researched and worked on in the background, on and off, over the years, just for personal RP reference use but never pulled everything together and developed it fully to a "course" level.
I will avoid try to steer clear of neurological matters as I know there is a neurology class in development
There will be a few race-specific psychological footnotes too that are relevent to care givers - I don't mean real psyche stuff, but their attitudes to certain matters pertinent to medical staff e.g. the Klingons attitude towards illness/disability, an Andorian's vulnerability due to antenna damage.

Races I plan to cover:
-Vulcan - Romulan
-Trill ( IF the Trill Medical class proposed back in Jan 2016 comes to fruition I will of course remove this section to my class and defer to that. Most of the info I plan to use for this section I had already pulled together so it would be no significant loss of future effort on my part to do so.)
-Any other races I can find sufficient medical data on to justify inclusion

Re: Course Proposal - Xenophysiology 101

Posted: 170726.1304
by Stormchyld

Re: Course Proposal - Xenophysiology 101

Posted: 180206.1428
by Suzie Setsuko
Update: Course is progressing well, I think a title change is required as 101 suggests a level of covering all the basics, where this course will be looking at specific races.
I plan to look at 2 physiologies for this course: Trill & Andorian, as it will be too long to cover more.
Thus it would make more sense to entitle the course as "Xenophysiology 1 : Trill & Andorian"
Subsequent Races can be included in further course e.g. "Xenophysiology 2: Vulcan & Romulan"
I plan to work on Klingon, Vulcan/Romulan, plus others providing sufficient medical material is available, as additional courses once I have my current in progress projects completed.

Re: Course Proposal - Xenophysiology 101

Posted: 180207.1415
by Suzie Setsuko
"Xenophysiology 1 : Trill & Andorian" first draft has been submitted to CurrDev

Re: Course Proposal - Xenophysiology 101

Posted: 180308.1545
by Suzie Setsuko
Proposal Withdrawn - Project Cancelled