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Freya Naopolitana
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Proposed Class Name: Acronyms R UfS
College: Cultural Studies
School: School of General Cultural Studies
Author(s): Freya Naopolitana

ALL Authors Must have had the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.
If you need the course see the Dean or the Director of Curriculum Development.

College Dean consulted?        [ x  ] Yes [  ] No

Branch Commander consulted?    [ x  ] Yes  [  ] No

Class Synopsis/Outline: 

A new Cadet TPs to the W/C and hears an UFSMC MAJ and an UFS LTjg talking to one another.  The LTjg says, “I’m seeking more intel  on the WPS for a UFP project I’m doing for the CMO.”  The MAJ replies, “They updated the LCARS on that as well as the new EPS, I’m sending the info to your PADD.”  The Cadet checks his combadge to make sure Universal Translator is working but he’s still got no idea what the officers are saying.  UFS technobabble leaves him scratching his head.  This fun class will help UFS Cadets and members to know more about the common acronyms and abbreviations used in our daily communications with each other on duty and off. 

-Ensign Freya Naopolitana (Hermans)
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Cheryl Skinstad
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This sounds a great idea  :) Concept approved.
Riker MacMoragh
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Geeze, I wish I had thought of it....
Natalya Karu
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Hehe, Technobabble 101... :D
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