Proposal: "The Zen of Xenolinguistics"

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Submission Type: [ X] New Class [ ] Major Rewrite [ ] Minor Revision

Class Name: 'The Zen of Xenolinguistics'

College: Operations

School: Communications

Author(s): Poison Toocool

ALL Authors Must have taken and passed the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course (110106)

College Dean consulted? [ x ] Yes [ ] No

School Director consulted? [ ] Yes [ x] No

Class Type

[ x ] Lecture with Exam (Metaverse and Online)

[ ] Lecture with Exam (Online only)

[ ] Personal Research with Exam (online only)

[ ] Interactive Lecture with Exam (Metaverse only)

[ ] Practical Exercise or Simulation (Metaverse only)

Class Synopsis/Outline:

A discussion of the morphology of known languages in the galaxy, the development of the Universal Translator and the difficulties encountered in communication with some species, even with the assistance of technology.


UFSA New Class Proposal Form v160531
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Approved, sounds very interesting. The only language class we have is full of information that is definitely not canon.
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