Curriculum Development Update 200826

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Curriculum Development Update - 200826

For some time, due to other concerns for Academy and staffing of the department, CurrDev suffered from a backlog of classes waiting for review and processing, as well as an ongoing need for an expanded curriculum, particularly in specific colleges which were low on available courses.

In April of this year we were lucky enough to bring aboard Lieutenant (jg) Bodan Landar ((Bodan Resident)), who expressed interest in writing some classes for us. He began with some excellent Engineering classes and progressed into Science, also learning along the way, the administrative function of correctly preparing classes for the Academy Online Portal (Moodle), the complicated task of setting up manual, exams and certificates on Moodle, and keeping good records of the department's progress. He was soon appointed Vice Director of Curriculum Development.

In the past three months, we can report that as many as 43 classes have been either written & prepped, or reviewed and prepped, or rewritten and prepped, then ‘Moodled’. We were able to establish the Basic Branch Certification Program (BBCP) and the Starfleet Branch Intro Diploma (SBiD) because of expanded curriculum to support UFSA Continuing Education. We also created the College of Arts & Performance, allowing for courses on the topics of creative writing, fan fiction, journalism, acting/roleplay, and music. We have resurrected the College of SciFi Trivia and the College of Star Trek Trivia will soon follow. We have almost cleared the backlog of Science, Security and Xenology classes that needed review or rewriting and exams created before upload to Moodle and we have at least a dozen new classes slated for creation.


Advanced Starship Design Bureau (Bodan Resident)
Utopia Planitia Fleetyards (Bodan Resident)
Tractor Beams (Bodan Resident)
The Navigational Deflector (Bodan Resident)
Transporter Tech 2 - Enhancers & Inhibitors (Bodan Resident)
Transporter Tech 1 - An Introduction (Bodan Resident)

The Cardiovascular System (Keitha02 Resident)

Stellar Cartography 101 (Rewrite) (Bodan Resident)
Nebulae (Bodan Resident)
Charting the Four Quadrants I (Bodan Resident)
Charting the Four Quadrants II (Bodan Resident)
Wormholes (Bodan Resident)
Chemistry 101 (Steve Ruttan)

SciFi Trivia
Superman the Movie (1978) - (SciFi) (Bodan Resident)
Blade Runner - (SciFi) (Bodan Resident)

TACT 101: Bridge Duty Stations (Ishan Broek)
TACT 201: Defensive Systems (Ishan Broek)
TACT 202: Offensive Systems (Ishan Broek)
TACT 203: Tactical Manoeuvres (Ishan Broek)
TACT 204: Identifying Threats (Ishan Broek)
TACT 205: Tactics and ROE (Ishan Broek)
SEC 101: Branch History I (Ishan Broek)
SEC 102: Branch Org and Structure (Ishan Broek)
SEC 103: Roles and Responsibilities I (Ishan Broek)
SEC 104: Roles and Responsibilities II (Ishan Broek)
SEC 201: Standard Operating Procedures (Ishan Broek)
SEC 202: Tools of the Trade (Ishan Broek)
SEC 203: Interstellar Law (Ishan Broek)

Human Abductions (Shire Lockjaw)

Arts & Performance-
The Basics of Roleplay (Poison Toocool)
Character Creation (Poison Toocool)
Writing FanFic 101 Leighann Mantis)
Storytelling 101 (Poison Toocool)

New Member Orientation (rewrite of Cadet Orientation) (Poison Toocool)

I would like to thank Ishan Broek, Leighann Mantis, Keitha02 Resident and most especially Bodan Landar ((Bodan Resident)) for their recent contributions to this vital department of UF Starfleet Academy; and a note of grateful thanks to Kermie Mistwallow for his help and advice in reviewing class materials.

If you would like to contribute to the Academy’s Curriculum, please access the following LCARS for further information - viewtopic.php?f=853&t=32105

In service,
RAdm Poison Toocool
Director, UFSA CurrDev

* currently being set-up on Moodle, should be available in two or three days
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Poison Toocool
Command - Vice Admiral
Command - Vice Admiral
Posts: 4955
Joined: 101129.0557
Duty Post: CO
Ship/Station Posted: Denkiri Centre
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Curriculum Development Update - 200907


College of Science
Temporal Anomalies (Bodan Resident) - New

College of Xenology - Revised & Moodled
Canians 101 (MilesPrower Dagger)
Ferengi Alliance (Ishan Broek)
Cardassian Union I (Ishan Broek)
Cardassian Union II (Ishan Broek)
Federation Cuisine (Lenneir DeCuir)

College of SciFi Triva - Revised & Moodled
Logan's Run (Bodan Resident)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Bodan Resident)

Orions I: Myths & Legends (Tai Galicia)
Orions II: The Syndicate (Tai Galicia)
The Trill (Rewrite of Trill 101) (Bodan Resident)

Romulan Empire 101
Roms I: Planetary Studies and Ancient History
Roms II: Xenobiology, Culture and Beliefs
Roms III: Government, Military and the Tal'Shiar
Roms IV: History and the Post Shinzon Era
Vulcan 201

Astral Eddies & Neutronic Wavefronts (Bodan Resident)
Artificial Intelligence - (Bodan Resident)
The Art of Diplomacy (Poison Toocool)
Black Holes & Neutron Stars (Bodan Resident)
Critical Thinking (Poison Toocool)
Gravity Sinkholes & Spatial Scissions (Bodan Resident)
Scientific Literacy (Poison Toocool)
Tyken's Rifts & Cosmic Strings (Bodan Resident)

In service,
VAdm Poison Toocool, Director
LTcmdr Bodan Resident, Vice Director
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