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Dear Curriculum Development,

Latest entry regarding rewrite changes or verification of classes is dated at least a year ago.
Recently during my wonderful and enriching experience at the Academy, many exams were found to be in error and each one was promptly reported through the proper channel and use of proper forms.

Is there a ETA on when these reported errors will be reviewed, much of the errors do affect grades.
I am ever striving to do excellence in my studies, maintain a excellent grade level at the Academy, and to uphold the exams reflect an excellent curriculum of current and correct information, however these errors hinder that so long as it remains "as is"

Thank you for your time in reading this and you attention, sirs.
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Greetings, thanks for your question. We are aware that some changes need to be made to lectures and exams, and we appreciate your completion of the form to report issues you've found. As these things are done on a voluntary basis, and due to the difficult situation world-wide, there has been some delay in response, however, I don't think it will take too long to do the needed changes, therefore I'll say mid-April for the current list of corrections.
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