A New Day in the Corps

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Jonathan Wilson
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Another glorious day in the Corps!
A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm.
Every meal's a banquet!
Every paycheck a fortune!
Every formation a parade!
I LOVE the Corps!
- Apone, Aliens

Welcome to the New United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps.

Today as I take the reigns of the Corps from Brigadier General Dagger, I vow to push the Corps into the next phase of existence within the United Federation Starfleet. It is time that we embrace the change and show that we WILL 'Improvise, Adapt and Overcome' in the vision to become more than just a Role Play group, to become a fully formed and developed Fan Organization.

With this change in direction, we will be undergoing some changes to reflect this new structure.

The General Staff will be comprised of:
The Commandant of the UFSMC
The Deputy Commandant of the UFSMC
Commanding Officer, Forces Command (FORCECOM)
Commanding Officer, Training and Doctrine Command (TRACOM)
Commanding Officer, Information Logistics Command (DATACOM)
Sergeant Major, United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps

Forces Command will be charged with the maintenance and organization of all Marine Detachments and Expeditionary Units. It is comprised of:
Commanding Officer, Forces Command (FORCECOM)
Deputy Commanding Officer, Forces Command (FORCECOM)
Officer In Charge, 1st Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 001)
Officer In Charge, 1st Marine Regiment (UFS Grid)
Officer In Charge, 2nd Marine Regiment (Second Life Grid)
Officer In Charge, 3rd Marine Regiment (3rd Rock Grid)
Officer In Charge, 2nd Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 002)
Officer In Charge, 3rd Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 003)
Officer In Charge, 4th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 004)
Officer In Charge, 5th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 005)
Officer In Charge, 6th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 006)
Officer In Charge, 7th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 007)
Officer In Charge, 8th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 008)
Officer In Charge, 9th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 009)
Officer In Charge, 10th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 010)
Officer In Charge, 11th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 011)
Officer In Charge, 12th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 012)
Officer In Charge, 13th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 013)
Officer In Charge, 14th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 014)
Officer In Charge, 15th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 015)
Officer In Charge, 16th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 016)
Officer In Charge, 17th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 017)
Officer In Charge, 18th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 018)
Officer In Charge, 19th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 019)
Officer In Charge, 20th Marine Command (Corresponds with Sector 020)

At this time, I'm appointing Brigadier General Steven Rowley (MilesPrower Dagger) as Commanding Officer, FORCECOM. All Marine Detachments and Expeditionary Units will report to him until such time as Command and Regiment Officers In Charge are appointed.

Information Logistics Command (DATACOM) is charged with the uniform maintenance of all UFSMC Web pages, Wiki Content Pages, and internal information archives.

Training and Doctrine Command (TRACOM) is charged with the development and training of all Marines and Marine Occupational Specialties. TRACOM is much more than just the "Marine Academy", as it contains the Marine Branch Directors. The Marine Branch Directors are the definitive authority for their Branch of Service.

I will be posting more on these positions and what positions are open in the next few days as I finalize the descriptions and requirements.

Simper Fi Marines
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