Marine Chapter Assignments

Kira Skytower
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


I'd like to make a few things clear when it comes to joining a chapter or changing chapters:

1) You can join ANY chapter you like and you are free to move from chapter to chapter at any time. For any reason. COs so have control of who transfers onto thier ship, but no CO can prevent you from transfering off if you want to transfer.

2) It's common courtesy to let your CO know when you are transfering off his/her ship or station before the PCS orders are put in.

3) Command officers from other ships should NOT contact you and offer you senior positions in an attempt to "lure" or "poach" people off other ships. It is however OK if you contact another chapter's command officers to inquire about positions on that vessel.

IMPORTANT - If you are given grief about changing chapters, you are to contact Marine Command immediately. Likewise, if someone is attempting to "poach" you or officers in your detachment, notify Marine Command immediately.

Brigadier Kira Skytower
Commander, Marine Engineering Forces
Jester Spearmann
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Thank you for posting this Kira

Remember MARCOM can always be reached via forum PM's as well as in world

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