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Jonathan Wilson
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UFS Civilian


My fellow Marines,
Greetings and At-ten-hut. Good now that I have your attention, At-ease. Now as the Commanding Officer of Training Command, I hope everyone understood those two basic orders. However, I am realistic enough to know that not everyone has learned the basic fundamentals of being a Marine in the United federation Starfleet.
After several exhaustive discussions with the Commandant and the Branch commanders I wanted to sit down and take some time to tell you about some changes that are going to be sweeping across the Marine Corps, basically a reboot of the Corps especially TRACOM.

1. The BD-10 Exam is being replaced by Marine Basic Training 101. If you have previously passed BD-10 you will be grandfathered in for MBT101. Marine Basic Training is now a school under the College of Marine Development at the UFS Marine Academy. 101 is the first in a series of courses designed to teach the Student/Marine what the corps is, what it means, how to be a good Marine, how to be a good Detachment Officer In Charge, and eventually how to be good in the highest positions within the Corps. MBT101 is now available on the temporary Marine Academy Online server located at: . As I have said this course is REQUIRED for any member of UFS, Metaverse or Real Life, to be offically recoginized as a UFS Marine.

2. The Marine Branch Commanders report to COTRACOM (it actually has been designed this way since the reboot), While the Marine Force Commanders will report to COFORCECOM. The Branch Commanders are like Deans in the UFSA. They are responsible for working with the COTRACOM to develop all the things needed for a successful branch within the UFSMC. For example I will outline some information about the Infantry Commander under this new plan:

The Infantry Commander is directly under the XOTRACOM and is the highest authority on Infantry Doctrine aside from the COTRACOM. The Infantry Commander is charged with creating and maintaining the Marine Infantry Manual, which covers all Infantry topics from Basic unit organization and how to develop Fire Teams, squads, companies, battalions, regiments, etc including specialized infantry units. I see this part of the manual like a modular organization template that OIC’s can use to design their internal Detachment/Task Force structure. They will also be responsible for developing an extensive list of Infantry MOS’s, Equipment, gear, Vehicles, and even the Powered Infantry (battlesuits). The Infantry command works with the CO/XOTRACOM to develop exams based on the Infantry Manual that can be installed into the Moodle Academy Online or even emailed directly to the student for completion and return upon completion (higher level courses).
Example of the School of Infantry Course Catalog:
INF 101 - Basic Infantry Orientation (Covers basic unit types and gear)
INF 201 - Intermediate Infantry Organization (Covers unit building and putting unit types together)
INF 202 - Infantry Field Equipment Recognition (covers the man and squad portable gear and basic vehicles.)
INF 250 - Introduction to the Powered Infantry ( duhhhh)
INF 301 - Infantry Independent Study Course (Paper on a pre-approved topic)
INF 401 - Advanced Unit Organization

While this example uses the Infantry Branch of the UFSMC, you can see how it can also be applied to Aerospace, Medical, Engineering, Armor, Mecha, and Special Operations.

3. Marine Branches need to be developed. The plan right now is to write a new version of the Marine Force Handbook to reflect the changes in the design of the Corps as well as to add the elements needed for the Real Life Detachments to be officially supported. To accomplish this we will be taking a small step back to be able to leap forward when the time is right. So right now we are going to develop the new Corps in the following manner:
3.1 - All current Marine developments are going to be placed on hold. That is to say we will not be developing any new gear for the Corps at first. Any existing gear including uniforms will be considered current until their replacement or removal is directly pointed out in a Marine Manual. Some changes might just be minor cosmetic changes like the numbering system of our weapons or spacecraft might change to a Corps wide standard. Other changes could remove something completely from use by the Corps. But until such a time as a direct contraindication is given all current equipment and policies are still in effect.
3.2 - New Marine Force Handbook: The Marine Handbook is the central fundamental manual that will set the design, global limits, and define the basic functions for all parts of the Marine Corps. This manual will cover why we exist, how we are organized, how to become a marine, what it means to be a marine, how to form a Marine Detachment or Task Force, what branches we have, what uniforms we can wear and when (both by reason and time period). The new Manual will also have an appendix that lists the official MOS's that Marine Command will recognize as official and the course requirements for MOS Certification.
3.3 Branch Manuals - Marine Branch Manuals will cover all the topics I listed in the infantry example as well as serving as the Manual that all Branch exams will be taken from.
3.4 MOS Certification - While TRACOM cannot set what is required for each Marine within a Detachment as that falls user the Commanding Officer of the Chapter the Detachment is attached to, we can set a list of courses that will be required to Certify a Marine as trained properly for that MOS. Certified Marines will be issued a certificate that will count towards the detachment certification program which will be detailed in a later posting.

That's what I wanted to say for now. I'll post an update as we make progress towards the Marine Corps Reboot. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a PM or email me at:

- Brigadier Jonathan Wilson
Commanding Officer, Training Command (TRACOM)
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