Brainstorming: UFSMCA Course structure and Online Options

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Jonathan Wilson
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Now that we have a general idea of who and what is needed for the Marines, I've started thinking about what Colleges and Courses we should have in the new Training Command. This is the start of my ideas:

All classes will be Lecture/paper styled except for Practicals that will be outlines for instructors to port into the Metaverses.

United Federation Marine Corps Academy

School of Infantry
- Basic Infantry Training (Terminology and basic organization)
- Advanced Infantry Course (Movement, complex organization, and more)
- Infantry Independent Study
- Classes on Marine skills like paratrooper, map reading, etc

School of Aerospace
- Basics of Powered Flight
- Advanced Flight
- Aerospace Independent Study
- Aerospace Unit formation and organization

As these are the majority of our member's roles at this time we will focus on making as much for these two schools as we can and add more schools as we grow.
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