Training and Doctrine Command (TRACOM) is charged with the development and update of all Marine Training Manuals, Classes and MOS Certifications. Under TRACOM are the Marine Branch Directors, experts in their fields that have volunteered to share that knowledge with their fellow marines. They each oversee a College in the UFS Marine Academy that contains all of the classes needed for the MOS Certifications of the Corps. TRACOM also offers its experience to all Chapters that need advice on developing a more authentic setting for their Marines.
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*Sits down and writes to her fellow Marines*

Hello to all. If You dont know me by now, I am Lt Col. Kiara Delgotti, the new TRACOM CO. I wish to thank the former CO who came before me for the wisdom that was shared, and now I feel that with the new direction the Commandant is taking the Marines, I feel we can make the New generation of Marines better and stronger than the past. Now in the coming weeks I will be doing some live classes with Academy to bring to the Marines and making other classes as well. I wish to thank the ones who have asked to help with TRACOM. Once I get everything sorted I will be meeting with you all and go from there. Soon there will be live classes at the New Mini Camp Casey. I will get with the Higher ups to schedule that and go from there. Once again I do thank everyone who has helped me along the way and lets make the Marines the best!!



Kiara *BlackRose* Delgotti, Lt. Col of the UFSMC
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