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Our next Story arc...

Posted: 210205.2346
by Kyle Asbrink
Good evening marines (and welcome to you other fair fleet folk who ventured into our den!)

In the next few weeks I will be launching our next storyline for the marines as a whole. Where as the last storyline focused on a small group of marines thrown into a self contained adventure, this one will be more open ended. My goal is to provider a general theme and plotline that you all can pick up and run with. There will still be scheduled RP's for major plot progressions. However, OIC's or any group marines can pick up this theme and carry out "Side story" or "smaller scale" roleplays as desired (no saving the day and defeating the big bad all on your own! we got to work together for that!). I'll explain in further detail what RP's will be done at each phase. However it will involve activities such as patrols, working with security for interrogations and investigations, reconnaissance, logistical missions, readiness drills, ordinance disposal.. the list goes on! I will be opening up a new thread on the forum shortly where you may begin logging your missions for this next arc.

I can always be reached on discord if you have any questions. The final log for our last arc will be up within the next few weeks once Drew figures out if a rescue RP will occur involving the science branch.