stardate 200801: Task force Tarok Marine Deployment 2

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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Kyle Asbrink
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Stardate: 200801
Locations Pirandia III , USS Goddard, USS Veracruz

Major Kyle Asbrink (Temporary Acting XO, USS Goddad)
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Summary: A team of marines were deployed to the slums of a city on Pirandia III. Their standing orders were to conduct a reconnaissance of the city and look out for any Kzem activity. Secondary objective was to collect intel on the Kzem and capture a member for questioning. The ground team was able to take one prisoner. However, due to the intentional destruction of Pirandia's star by the Kzem the mission quickly turned into an evacuation and relief effort. This encounter showed the Kzem will not be able to be confronted with simple conventional tactics.

Details: A five man marine team was deployed to the slums of Pirandia III. Their orders were to do a sweep of the area and look for signs of Kzem activity. Standing rules of engagement were to fire if fired upon, Use of lethal force was authorized on the positively identified Kzem hostiles. However, the team was also instructed to capture a Kzem if at all possible. The marines were equipped with the standard reconnaissance loadout including cameras on their rifles. Personnel aboard the USS Goddard monitored the marines guncam feeds in real time as they progressed through the city.

The marine team moved through the slums with little issue. After a short time they approached a congregation of the locals who appeared to be listening to some sort of speech. The individual making the speech know as "The Morrigan". Due the lack of Kazon in the crowd this individual and their escort was not immediately identified as Kzem. The marines were ordered to find concealment and provide an audio feed of the speech. The marine team took cover and recorded The Morrigan's speech while the footage was reviewed aboard the USS Goddard. Instructions were provided to line up targets for an assault. Cries from the some of the local populace allowed command to positively identify The Morrigan and her colleagues as Kzem.

At the conclusion of the speech a lethal confrontation broke out between the Kzem and the local populace. Due to this escalation the marine team was ordered to move in on the Kzem and attempt to take prisoners. Two Kzem were taken into custody, however one killed by local populace before they could be placed in cuffs. It was at this The Morrigan seemed to vanish. Further review of the data collected from the marines is necessary to confirm if she beamed out or was perhaps a holographic protection. The Morrigan was recorded stating the plenty destruction was a "relief" to "end suffering". Shortly after the remaining Kzem was put in restrains the order to evacuate the planet was given. Marines attempted to control the panicked crowd assisted with organizing the group so they could be transported to the USS Goddard and USS Veracruz. After the marines were beamed aboard the USS Veracruz their secured their prisoner then assisted with providing humanitarian aid to the refugees from Piranda III.

It is also important to know that the planetary government of Piranda III sent out a broadcast blaming the Federation for the destruction of their system shortly before their destruction.

Conclusion: The Kzem's threat level has to be re-evaluated. In a short span of time they have shown to possess technology which far surpasses our original predictions. Their ships have been shown to have cloaking capability, posses heavy plasma weaponry and upgraded shields. Now we know they have the capability to wipe out entire star systems on a whim. In addition, initial projections showed the vast majority of the Kzem are of the Kazon species. Not a single Kazon was encountered on Piranda III. Trill and Talaxian can now be added to the list of species who have had members swayed into joining the Kzem's cause. This information may be of concern to sector security as it makes identifying Kzem targets among civilian populations incredibly difficult. Starfleet need to take action against this new threat before more planets are lost.

1) Starfleet needs to neutralize the Kzem's ability to use protomatter weaponry as soon as possible. This technology poses the single greatest threat to this sector from the Kzem. The Kzem prisoner should be thoroughly questioned once they arrive aboard the SS Peedy Thor

2) Starfleet may face a PR issue due to the broadcast send by the Pirandan government. It is important we treat the refugees with the utmost kindness as the stories they will tell and pass on will help counter any allegations that may be brought upon us by third parties. The marines have standing orders to continue providing humanitarian aid and relief while potential relocation options are reviewed for the refugees.

3) Station and planetary security should remain vigilant and prepare for the possibility of Kzem infiltrators among the civilian populace. Being a multi-special organization makes identifying potential threats difficult.
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