Task force Tarok marine storyline

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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(Message broadcast to all marine detachment OICs)

Good evening marines,

I hope I find you in good health and good spirits. The 112th detachment is currently deployed to Alienum III. While our main role is to act as a deterrent against romulan attacks, we have been using the diverse environment to conduct Land warfare training operations. While we still have real soil beneath our feet I am sending out an open invitation to you and your subordinates to visit Alienum and participate in cross detachment training exercises and war games .

I have sent the necessary clearance forms to your ships COs and look forward to seeing you for training.

(The marine storyline for the task force will begin on Alienum, it you are unable to attend as yourself IC you are more then welcome to creat/play an alt And join up. Once I hear back from a few more marines on their availability I’ll post the exact time of the first event. I hope to see you all there)
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