Marine activities during the admirals banquet.

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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Good afternoon marines,

This forum post is to mirror was discussed at last weeks briefing. The marines will be holding several events during the week. At present the below events will held one or more times each on the 15th of November during branch highlight day. I have assigned events based on your skillset and qualifications. We will continue to coordinate here, in world and on discord. Please reply here on the other two mediums if you have any questions. I would like to know the number of times you will run the event and what times (in half hour intervals) you will host them. Lets show the fleet what we can do!

Events for the Admirals Banquet week + marines assigned to oversee the events
Event 1: PT Demonstration with crow participation - Stampede + Kiara

Event 2: Guided walk-around of Aerospace craft - Turbo

Event 3: Firing range course / weapons demonstration - Elsa

Event 4: Synchronized orbital jump, combat medic demo - All
-Marines jump from orbital platform in full combat kit. fall in formation and pull their chutes
-Upon landing marines secure the landing zone and set a perimeter
-Corpsman runs a combat medic demo on a casualty in the drop point.

possible event 5: demo and breakdown of MOS/Roles within the marines.

Times confirmed so far -

Event 2: MCAPT ScreaminEagles Turbo 1:30pm slt to 2pm slt and 2:30pm slt to 3 pm slt
Event 3: 1430-1500 and 1530- 1600 slt
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1430-1500 and 1530- 1600 slt sir
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